Site inspection with PVDPMSB

A neat guardhouse that reflects the image of our condo.

The taxi bay will be moved further back to make it easier for cars to enter. To ease traffic congestion, the management may apply to DBKL to turn the street into one way.

Instead of using a desk, a small counter to register the visitors was created.

We may pave the corridor leading to the gym and the toilet with 5 foot tiles ( subject to cost ) for easy maintenance and elegance.

The visitors’ car parks will be removed. Concrete stools will be built in its place.
Credit should be given to PVDPMSB for their prompt action. It should be easier for the cars to exit if we follow the direction of the arrow as shown in the above picture.

Instruction was already given to remove all the debris left by the developer.

The corridor is cleared of tables and chairs to prevent residents from loitering at the shop.

The JMC carried out a site inspection with the management on 20/12/08 ( Saturday ). We started off with the guardhouse. We have decided to remove the five visitors’ car parks at the back of the guardhouse as shown in the picture above to make it easier for the cars to make an exit. Besides removing the car parks, we may decide to build two concrete stools ( subject to cost ) in its place to make the area around the guardhouse more spacious and neater.

We may plaster the corridor leading to the toilet and the gym with 5 foot tiles for easy maintenance. If you were to look closely at the picture above, you can see many stains on the wall. With the tiles, besides providing easy maintenance, it may also change the image of the place.

The taxi bay may be moved further back to make it easier for cars to enter. The management may apply to DBKL to turn the road into one way to solve the problem of traffic congestion in front of the guardhouse.

To monitor the use of the swimming pool, the management will look into ways to register ( please comment ) the residents who will like to use the pool. The JMC felt that by registering the residents, it may prevent some outsiders from using the pool, prevent a specific group of tenants from using the pool and to get the residents to comply with the rules .

To cut down noise pollution from the shop lots, certain plants will be planted in front of the shop lots.The JMC is in the position to make positive changes to Platinum and will continue to do so when necessary. You will hear of more changes made by the JMC. We also need feedback from the residents. We shall take note of all comments made by the residents. Together, we can make this place comfortable for all.

Goodnight and have a nice day.
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