Cost of the proximity cards and the water surcharge

The JMC has decided to revise the cost of the proximity cards according to the rate below:

Under the developer

1. New card : RM 50.00

2. Damaged card : RM 30.00

3. Lost card ( 1st time): RM 30.00

4. Lost card (2nd time ) : RM 30.00

5. New sticker: RM 30.00

6. Lost sticker: RM 10.00

7. Damaged sticker : RM 50.00


1. New card : RM 30.00

2. Damaged card : RM 10.00

3. Lost card (1st time) : RM 30.00

4. Lost card ( 2nd card): RM 50.00

5. New sticker : RM 10.00

6. Lost sticker : RM 10.00

7. Damaged sticker: RM 10.00

For the lost card for the 1st time and the 2nd time, we are charging a higher rate because we wish to place some value on the cards and to serve as deterrent so that residents will take good care of their cards. The new rates will be effective in the year 2009.

As for the water bill, the residents have to pay according to the rate set by Syabas. However, the JMC has decided to abolish the 5% surcharge on the water bill effective 2009.

With these changes, we are sending a message to the owners that we have the authority to set the rules for Platinum. Simply said, we call the shot here. We will like to be owners friendly simply because we are owners ourselves . With the world economy in such a bad state and the price of goods skyrocketing, the last thing that we want to do is to burden the owners with any extra charges except for the maintenance fees which we have to pay in order to provide all the services for Platinum.

Under this committee, I can assure you all we shall not increase the maintenance fees and not even talk about it.

Goodnight and have a nice day.
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