Messages from an angry and emotional owner

I had a few heated exchanges of messages with an incorrigible and emotional owner from Platinum this morning. It kept me occupied the whole morning. Some messages were quite intimidating. The first message that I received was that he called me stupid for removing the car parks at the back of the guardhouse. If it’s so serious, there would have been a big outburst from the owners. I said that we did it for the convenience of the owners. Moreover, we have ample parking lots for visitors which some owners abused. Our priority is the owners and not the visitors. He did not bite my argument and went on to say something about the students which I feel is his main issue. I tried to explain but I got annoyed when I received such intimidating messages and unfounded allegations:

Ok i will monitor u n jmb from time to time. If i not satisfied with u performance i ll bang u all. Dont play around with us. “

” Not the student issue. To many issue. I don want to talk about student. because u all love student. Maybe u all get paid from them. We never know. The issue is”

” That why la i ckp u STUPID. Don want to listen to the owners yg stay kat situ bahalol. Skrg student dah start mencuri u pun tak tau sebab nak hide from owner. “

These are some of the messages that I received. I told him to list out all his issues to the management. He replied that ” Don waste my time. You know all the issues ” I further reminded him that should anything happen to any of the committee members, I will not hesitate to pass his message to the police. I guess this guy must be linked to a small group of owners. We haven’t spent any money on anything yet, there is already allegation of corruption.. This is the type of owner who will resort to character assassination and making all kinds of slanderous remarks to create a negative perception of the JMC. I am sure he is already carrying out a smear campaign. You can bet that the next AGM will be a hot affair for the owners. They will scream and shout, they will bang tables to intimidate you creating disharmony among the communities who live here. As I have said in my previous blog, our motto is integrity, transparency and accountability. If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.

If he knows someone is stealing, why didn’t he make a report to the police or the security. Whatever we do or the management does will not satisfy him. He will make use of every opportunity to attack the JMC or the management. I have come across many types of these owners who link us to money in whatever thing we do. He sounded like Platinum is a big gold mine.

Did he give us any credit when we revised the cost of the new card and the damaged card? Did he give us any credit when the JMC decided to waive the 5% surcharge on water? Did he realize that the JMC save about RM 200 000 on the lift maintenance fee and the swimming pool maintenance fee when we managed to convince the developer to waive them for 18 months? Did we do all these for money???????????? I was only appointed to the post for 3 weeks. Students’ issues ( I may elaborate more in my next blog ) need time to be resolved. Overcrowding and social behaviours are not something that you can solve overnight. We are not from the barbaric society by taking laws into our own hands. We can’t play policemen and guardians here.

Goodnight and have a nice day.

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