Our bank account

A resort like pool which all residents should be proud of.

We have opened two bank accounts with the CIMB bank at Danau Kota. One is the management fund account and the other is the sinking fund account. We may open another fixed deposit account later. In the near future, all the fund in the BMA ( Building management Account ) from the developer will be transferred into our account which is called BMF ( Building management Fund ) which will be controlled and maintained by the JMC, the representative of JMB PV10. However, the cheque book shall be in the custody of PVD management Sdn Bhd to prevent any abuse of the fund. We shall only accept the account pending the account being audited by Wong and Company, an independent registered auditor’s firm appointed by the JMC.

Four members from the JMC have been appointed to be the signatories to the account. The signatories are divided into two groups that is Group A and Group B. For the cheque to be valid , signatures must be from either one from group A and either one from group B.

Group A signatories are :
1. Mr See Quai Sen ( Chairman )
2. Ms Wendy Koh ( Treasurer )

Group B signatories are :
1. Vinvent Cheong ( Secretary )
2. Mr. Rajenthren ( committee member )

The owners shall be informed by the management on the date when payments should be made in favour of the new account. Cheque payments should be made in favour of JMB-PV10.

Goodnight and have a nice day.
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