Further improvements done to PV10

If you notice the above pictures, the sticks are much longer now. This is to prevent the residents from straying into the entrance or the exits which may pose a dager to themselves. All the ugly ribbons are already gone. The entrance and the exit look much better and reflect the image of our condo with all the potted plants around.

We are not only concerned with what is happening inside. The management led by Ms Lena Lim should be complimented for taking the initiative to speak to the developer to take action to prevent drivers from parking their cars around the corner at no cost to us. Actually the same thing should be done for the opposite corner. The JMC will propose to PVPMSB to do the same for the opposite corner.
We are actually continuosly striving to bring further improvements to our properties. Rome is not built in one day. Please give us time.
Goodnight and have a nice day.
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