Further improvements to Platinum

Dirty stains on the wall at the surau.

Dirty stains on the wall leading to the gym and the toilet

The JMC had made a decision to carry out some tiling work at the corridor leading to the toilet. You can see many stains on the wall leading to the gym and the toilet. This is probably due to heavy human traffic around this area. . With tiles, the place will have an upmarket image and it is maintenance free.
Some tiling work will also be done to the area outside the surau, the management office and the JMB office. All these work will be carried out after the Chinese new Year.
Besides the tiling work, we have also decided to place some clocks in the gym, the hall and the management office. Currently, you do not see any dustbins at the lift lobbies above the ground lobbies. Sometimes you may see cigarette butts and pieces of paper around these areas. The JMC had decided to place dustbins on all the floors to prevent residents from littering. The corridor beside the muti purpose hall will also be brightened up.

Goodnight and have a nice day.
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