New security company

RM 4.30 per hour security guard

Roll call before the change of shift

Briefing by the chief security officer

The services of Kawalan Perwira Sdn Bhd had been terminated. TSS Security Sdn Berhad has been appointed to take over from them effective 1st February 2009. The guards will in deep grey uniforms.The JMC had a couple of meetings with them before they are appointed. There will 8 guards and 1 officer for the day shift and the same for the night shift. The cost is RM4.30 per hour for the normal guards and RM 5.00 per hour for the officers. The total cost is RM 30,000 monthly which is slightly lower than what we are paying previously.

We told the new company, we hoped to see some changes in the aspect of enforcement. No more owners’ cars at the visitors’ parking lots. No more in and out without the access cards. No more walk in visitors without being registered. We have also set certain procedures for visitors’ car park. They are allowed to park for four hours after which they have to inform the guards to extend it should they need to stay longer. For overnight visitors prior permission need to be obtained from the management office. If the office is closed, permission can be obtained from the guardhouse. After midnight, visitors are not allowed to come in by cars but the guards have been told to use their discretion for some special circumstances like the sick or relatives who are from outstations.

We shall monitor the new company closely. Hopefully, the residents can provide us with some feedback on the performance of the company. When we change, we change for the better. The officers must do a good job of providing good leadership to the junior guards. What we want is consistency in their performance. Be firm but polite. Some owners may not be happy but then we we can’t please all.

Goodnight and have a nice day.

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