JMC line up

The line up from the left: Mr Lim Chee Chun ( Dev’s rep) , Mr Lim Choon Hock ( Blk A, Committee member, insurance consultant ), Wendy Koh ( Blk C, Treasurer, an executive with HP Computer Sdn Bhd ) ) , Mr See ( Blk A, Chairman, teacher ,appointed because the previous chairman resigned),
Mr Rajenthran ( Blk B, committee member, a businessman ) , Encik Mohamad Fairuz ( Blk C, committee member , unit trust consultant ) and Mr Vincent Cheong ( not in the picture, secretary, computer agent with P1 Wimax)
The cheque signatories are Mr See, Wendy Koh ( Group A ) and Mr Rajenthran, Vincent Cheong ( Group B ).
During the first AGM to form the JMC, there were 13 committee members. Along the way , a few of them resigned for reasons which were only known to them. The JMC is well aware that there is a need to increase the size of the committee for the the JMC to be more effective. We are not in the position to appoint new committee members but you feel that you are a team player and has a little spare time for social work, you can give us your contact number and we shall call you to discuss your appointment as a new committee member.
Goodnight and have a nice day.

Decision to turn the road into one way

JMB-PV10 (DBKL: JMB 447/2008)
2-0-30, PV10, Platinum Lake Condo, No 2, Jalan Danau Saujana 2,
Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-40241488 Fax: 03-40241866

Dear residents,

The JMC intends to turn the road in front of the guardhouse into one way to ease traffic congestion and to provide a smooth flow of traffic besides preventing accidents from happening.

We need your feedback on the matter before we proceed to apply to DBKL ( the approval body ) for approval.

Your feedback on the matter is important for us to make a decision. You may call the management, the JMC members or send your e-mails to our official e-mail address to provide your input

Thank you.



To be turned into one way subject to the approval of DBKL

We are putting up the above notice on the notice boards to gather feedback on the JMC’s intention to turn the above road into one way. Should there be no objections from the residents, we shall proceed to apply to DBKL for approval.

Thank you and have a nice day

Tiling works

Tiling work at the management office

Tiling work at the gym.

Tiling work at the surau

Tiling work at the gym

Tiling work at the entrance to the pool from Block A

Tiling work at the management office

Tiling work at the corridor leading to the toilet

Tiling work in front of the mamak shop.
The JMC is satisfied with the work done to the wall. With the tiles, there is an upmarket touch ( image ) to the place. It is maintenance free .Hopefully, we can find another sponsor to do the rest of the area.
There shall be some owners who do not like the striking colour but then, we can’t please everyone.
Goodnight and have a nice day.

Details on the Delco water filter

These are the details on the Delcol water filter installed by the developer utilizing our sinking fund.
Thank you and have a nice day.


Brighter corridor. You fee safe when you walk along the corridor alone.

These are the extra services available at PV10

1. Residents may borrow a ladder from the management if they need to change their lights on the ceiling . We allow the the residents to borrow a ladder during the office hours mainly because a ladder is a big item and not many people keep it in the house.

2. If you have anything that you want to sell or an apartment to let , you may advertise it through our bulletin board. A minimal fee of RM 1.00 will be imposed for a duration of 1 week.

3. We also attend to minor repairs in the house .

Thank you and have a nice day

Proposals for PV10

The JMC feels that the area around the guardhouse is very dark in the night. We wish to brighten up the area with some decorative lights to reflect the image of the condo and for safety

We wish to make a request to DBKL to turn this road into one way which will greatly ease the congestion at the guardhouse. With one way , cars which are going out will not cross into cars which are coming in.
Before we do that, we need to get the some feedback from the residents with regards to our proposals. If you are travelling to the city, you will not be incovenienced but if you are travelling
to Teratai mewah aparments, you may need to circle around our condo before you reach the Indian temple heading towards teratai mewah. There shall be pros and cons. Therefore, your views on the matter are important for us to make a decision.
Goodnight and have a nice day.

Procedure for selecting supplier or contractor

Quotation 1

Quotation 2

Quotation 3
For the purchase of dustbins to be placed on all the floors, three quotations were submitted by the management to the JMC. The JMC chooses the type of dustbin to be used with the recommendation of the management. The JMC made the final decision .

Purchase order.

The purchase order was issued and signed by the chairman before it can be executed. All the purchase orders which are above RM 1000.00 must be approved by the JMC and signed by the chairman or his representative. In this case, the JMC chose the quotation with the lowest price.
Cheque for payment to the supplier will also be signed by the office bearers and the committee members whom I had listed out in my previous blog. The JMC will not sign any cheque of which the purchase order is not approved by the JMC. The significant of the Act 663 is that it gives the JMB total control over the fund collected from the owners.
Thank you and have a nice day.

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