Procedure for selecting supplier or contractor

Quotation 1

Quotation 2

Quotation 3
For the purchase of dustbins to be placed on all the floors, three quotations were submitted by the management to the JMC. The JMC chooses the type of dustbin to be used with the recommendation of the management. The JMC made the final decision .

Purchase order.

The purchase order was issued and signed by the chairman before it can be executed. All the purchase orders which are above RM 1000.00 must be approved by the JMC and signed by the chairman or his representative. In this case, the JMC chose the quotation with the lowest price.
Cheque for payment to the supplier will also be signed by the office bearers and the committee members whom I had listed out in my previous blog. The JMC will not sign any cheque of which the purchase order is not approved by the JMC. The significant of the Act 663 is that it gives the JMB total control over the fund collected from the owners.
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