JMC line up

The line up from the left: Mr Lim Chee Chun ( Dev’s rep) , Mr Lim Choon Hock ( Blk A, Committee member, insurance consultant ), Wendy Koh ( Blk C, Treasurer, an executive with HP Computer Sdn Bhd ) ) , Mr See ( Blk A, Chairman, teacher ,appointed because the previous chairman resigned),
Mr Rajenthran ( Blk B, committee member, a businessman ) , Encik Mohamad Fairuz ( Blk C, committee member , unit trust consultant ) and Mr Vincent Cheong ( not in the picture, secretary, computer agent with P1 Wimax)
The cheque signatories are Mr See, Wendy Koh ( Group A ) and Mr Rajenthran, Vincent Cheong ( Group B ).
During the first AGM to form the JMC, there were 13 committee members. Along the way , a few of them resigned for reasons which were only known to them. The JMC is well aware that there is a need to increase the size of the committee for the the JMC to be more effective. We are not in the position to appoint new committee members but you feel that you are a team player and has a little spare time for social work, you can give us your contact number and we shall call you to discuss your appointment as a new committee member.
Goodnight and have a nice day.
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