Dangerous spot

This is one of the dangerous spots which is highlighted by an owner . When you exit from the glass door, make sure you keep an eye for any cars that are moving along this one way stretch. We also noticed that the floor is not numbered

We shall propose to the management to build some humps to slow down the traffic and to number the floor.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Survey on the one way proposal

JMB-PV10 (DBKL: JMB 447/2008)
2-0-30, PV10, Platinum Lake Condo, No 2, Jalan Danau Saujana 2,
Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-40241488 Fax: 03-40241866

Dear residents,

The JMB- PV10 committee is carrying out a survey on its proposal to apply to DBKL to turn Jalan Danau Sujana 2 ( in front of the guardhouse ) into one way. The rationale for doing so is to minimize traffic congestion and to prevent any untoward accidents.
You can indicate your decision by putting a tick in the column provided below.
Thank you.

No Names Unit No YES NO

We have to wait for for the outcome of the survey before we shall consider whether to apply to DBKL to turn the road into one way or not. When you go to the office to pay your maintenance fees, you may indicate your decision in the form provided. The views of the residents are important to us.

Thank you and have a nice day.

notice on the access cards


Dear All Valued Residents,

Barrier Gate And Lift Lobby Access Card System

Effective 15 March 2009, residents and vehicles entering barrier gate/lift lobby without access cards and car stickers are strictly prohibited from entering PV10 condo.

The security officer reserves the right to disallow you or your vehicles without access card and car sticker to enter the condo.

Please also be advised that update your car stickers if you have lost your car sticker, change new vehicles or etc at the management office as soon as possible..

Thank you.

The Management
Dated: 25 February 2009

We instructed the management to come out with the above notice knowing that there are many owners who can come in without using the the access cards. The reason why we terminated the previous security was because they did not enforce the house rules strictly. The problems have been minimized under the new company but we are not satisfied as there are complaints that there are still owners who enjoy special privileges.
We told the security bluntly that they have to buck up. We may decide to seal the buttons and instead they will be given access cards or we may decide to impose a fine on the security company for each car that they press the button to allow them to enter. We told them that it’s not fair for them to clamp the cars because in the first place they are the one to allow them to come in without cards or stickers.
We also want the owners to co-operate with the management. If your cars are without stickers, please apply for one. You may have lost your stickers. Get a new one because we have cut down cost of new cards and stickers.
Goodnight and have a nice day
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