Proposal for motorcyclist to be given access cards.

I am sure this proposal will lead to a lot of protests from the owners but before you protest , let”s find find out the reasons why we intend to do so. When you are free, just carry out some observation at the guardhouse. You will notice that these motorcyclists are getting better services that you do. When they stop at the guardhouse, the guards will just press the buttons to allow them to enter. The rationale for them to be given the access cards is not to remove this privilege but is not to burden the guards with this extra duty. The primary duty of the guards at the guardhouse is to prevent uninvited guests from entering our condo. Their attention has already been distracted by having to look after the motorcyclists, the visitors and not to mention those owners who like to enter without access cards.

We understand your concerns that they may misuse the cards by bringing in their second cars. If they bring their second cars, they would have to park illegally. This is where the enforcement will come in. We shall clamp the cars.

Should we decide to implement this proposal, we will have to impose some stringent conditions. Each unit will be entitled to one extra card. You will have to bring your motorcycle reg card as proof of ownership to apply for the cards. . The registered name on the card must be similar to owner’s. Over at my condo, we have been practising it for for the past four years and we have not encountered any major problems. It was well received by the owners when I proposed it to the management but I don”t know how the owners at PV10 will feel about it. There are pros and cons.

We need your feedback on the proposal. You are free to comment.

Goodnight and have a nice day.

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