Landscaping at the pool area

The area as shown in the picture above will be planted with ” pucuk merah ” small plants which are similar to those planted around the tennis court. Besides providing some kind of privacy to the pool, they also serve as a barrier to residents who wish to cross over to the pool area bringing dirt and mud along with them. We will like to encourage them to use the walking path when they access the pool.
Owners should not be concerned with the cost as the developer is willing to bear the total cost of the landscaping. Three bamboo plants will also be planted along the corridor. The landscaping job shall start this Friday.
The one thing that can add value to our properties is the landscaping. What sets the high end apart from the rest is the landscaping. Just take a look at Sentul West , a property developed by YTL and some of the condos at Mont Kiara. Their landscaping is impressive. Our property can be like theirs and that is the JMC’s vision. Use the high end condo as the benchmark for maintenance but paying the quantum of maintenance fee as the middle end apartment. we can do it if we are united with no team A and B.
Goodnight and have a nice day!

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