Roof top car park

The JMC had written a letter to PVDSB to bear the cost of linking all the car park. We have yet to receive a reply. Considering that the cost incurred is very high, they will have to give the matter a thorough study. We are keeping our fingers crossed. It is certain that we are not in the financial position to carry out the project unless we will like to use up all our reserves.
Goodnight and have a nice day


Burglary at PV10

The CCTV specialist from Eita power is trying to look for the culprit from the recording in the burglary that occurred at Blk B. They had narrowed down the suspect. It was already established that they used a valid access card to enter the lift lobby. There is a great possibility that it is an inside job. Once we have the right info, it will be passed to the police to carry out an investigation.
Goodnight and have a nice day.

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