Good news for those who need to rent a second car park

Dear residents,

For those who need to rent a second car park, you don’t have to run to Taman Melati and pay an up front cost of RM 1400. We have cut a deal with the developer to take over the management of the unsold car parks.

Effective next week, the transaction can be done at the management office. The cost is RM 300.00 in advance for every 3 months and a refundable deposit of RM 30.00 for the access card.

The deal is a win win situation for both parties. It allows us to generate some income for our management fund by imposing a service fee for every transaction. For your info, there are 180 car parks available to let. For all those residents who have rented the car parks from the developer can now renew your rental at the management office under the new terms and conditions.

There is another piece of good news for those car park owners on the roof top. Our responsible and always caring developer has given us an understanding that the accumulated fund from the rental of the car parks may go towards the cost of linking the roof top car parks in the future. They did not set any time frame for doing so. We just have to be a little patient. We are quite confident that the linked roof top will come a reality so tell your friends who park their cars outside to rent a car park from us today.

Good night and have a nice day.

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