shelter from the rain

We know that this umbrella sticks out like a sore thump at our condo. After cleaning up the guard house to make it look neat, do you really think that we will put a cheap umbrella there. You can rest assured that this thing will not be a permanent feature . It is only a temporary measure taken by us due to the unpredictable weather. We have a couple of options to solve the issue.

The first option is to lenghten the roof so the motorists will not be affected by the rain. The cost to change the roof and the rotor arms is about RM 1400.00. This is the entrance. The exit is not affected by the rain if you use the lane beside the guardhouse.

The second option is to install two canopies as shown in the picture above, one for the exit point and the other for the entrance. The total cost is about RM 4000.00. Based on the feedback from other condos which have installed these canopies, the motorists will still be affected when the rain comes with strong wind. Another one of our concerns is that the motorist is not able to communicate with the security guard due to the barrier as shown in the picture above.
If we can disregard those two minor problems, we may go for the second option.
We need your feedback on the issue. You are free to comment.
Goodnight and have a nice day.

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