Meeting with the lift engineer

We had a meeting with the lift engineer, Mr Khoo from Eita Sdn Bhd this morning. We highlighted all our problems to him. Apparently, we told him that the lifts are not intelligent enough. The waiting time is too long. The ride is not smooth and there are some noises here and there. The speed is slow. He was quite concerned over our complaints and promised to look into them. According to him, the speed is already fixed and there is nothing you can do about it. He further said that the lifespan of the lift is about ten to twenty years provided there is a routine maintenance.

Our lifts are under monthly routine maintenance. They oil the parts, clean the lift pit and do some trouble shooting. At the moment , we don’t have to pay anything for the routine maintenance as the lifts are still under liability for a period of 18 months. When the liability period is over, the JMC will have to make a decision whether to opt for comprehensive cover or non-comprehensive cover. For comprehensive cover, we have to pay about RM10 000 a month for the routine maintenance and for non comprehensive cover, it’s half the amount. The difference is for the comprehensive cover, we don’t have to pay anything for any replacement of lift parts. The JMC shall make a decision when the liability period is over.

We don’t really have a choice but to live with Eita lifts. To replace all the lifts with some Japanese brands may cost millions. The only thing that we can do is to put some pressure on the lift company to carry out proper routine maintenance of our lifts to cut down the frequency of breakdowns. I think they are committed to do so because it is a young company in the process of building up the Eita brand.

Goodnight and have a nice day.

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