How upgrading jobs get down

These are the procedures that we adopt before a a proposal is turned into a reality. These are the following steps that we have to go through.

1. The JMC and PVDPMSB discuss a proposal presented by any committee member, the management or the owners in a JMC meeting.

2. The JMC makes a decision on the proposal in a JMC meeting.

3. The PVDPMSB sources the quotations from various contractors. The JMC accepts any quotations from any owners or any committee member . We make sure there are 3 quotations to choose from before we make a decision in a JMC meeting.

4. With the advice of PVDPMSB and after a brainstorming the JMC selects the quotation in a JMC meeting.

5. PVDPMSB issues the PR ( Pre– Requisition ) form to be signed by the JMC.

6. PO ( Purchase Order ) is issued to the contractor.

7. The contractor starts work. PVDPMSB and the committee members monitor the work with the help of feedback from the residents. ( E.g. the work on the humps ).

8. When the job is completed, an invoice is presented to the account department of PVDPMSB.

9. The account department issues the cheque with payment voucher to the JMC.

10. One of cheque signatories from Group A and another from Group B sign the cheque.

11. A Job is completed.

With the number of steps that we take and after a few meetings, it will take a while before a project can take off. Owners can rest assured that there is no room for misuse of our fund. The cheque book is in the custody of PVDPMSB. Any committee member who has an interest in any of the proposals will have to leave the meeting room when a decision is being made.

As for contractual services like the security and cleaning, the payment sums are fixed and the cheques are made in favour of the companies. It’s the same for payments made for utilities.

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