Preventive measures against break-ins

The ear lobe is thin and it is easy for the burglar to cut.

If the ear lobe is thin, potential burglar can just pry and detach the circled ear lobe from the grill’

The lock that you use should not be too big and loose. It should fit tightly as shown in the picture.
I shall explain the reson why.

This is the ideal ear lobe which is thicker than the one above.
If the lock fits tightly , it may make it more difficult for the burglar to break loose the ear lobe from the grill because he has to break loose both the ear lobes from the grill. But, if the lock is big and it is loose, the potential burglar merely needs to break loose one of the ear lobes .

This type of lock will make it more difficult for the burglar to break in because he has to cut the lock or the grill .

The above are some of the preventive measures that you can take to prevent your house from being broken into. It is not a fool proof method but I guess, it will discourage the burglar from choosing your house as the target.

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