Preventive Measure against break-in


Preventive measures against break-ins

The ear lobe is thin and it is easy for the burglar to cut.

If the ear lobe is thin, potential burglar can just pry and detach the circled ear lobe from the grill’

The lock that you use should not be too big and loose. It should fit tightly as shown in the picture.
I shall explain the reson why.

This is the ideal ear lobe which is thicker than the one above.
If the lock fits tightly , it may make it more difficult for the burglar to break loose the ear lobe from the grill because he has to break loose both the ear lobes from the grill. But, if the lock is big and it is loose, the potential burglar merely needs to break loose one of the ear lobes .

This type of lock will make it more difficult for the burglar to break in because he has to cut the lock or the grill .

The above are some of the preventive measures that you can take to prevent your house from being broken into. It is not a fool proof method but I guess, it will discourage the burglar from choosing your house as the target.

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Raymond57 said…
Dear See,

propose we utilise our BMF fund to purchase sufficient thick grill ear lobes and get our handyman to instal them as add-on for free for all the owners who are interested. Prior to that, conduct a survey to determine the quantity needed.
Also make it mandatory to all the renovators to use thick ear lobes for all the new main grills. 
The above-mentioned proactive approaches will affirmatively help to deter the burglars from trying their luck in our condo but somewhere else.


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  1. Dear All,
    A few days ago there’s another break in at Block A Level 5 where the earlobe of the main grill were cut. Looking at the damage, I gather that the thieves must use a big cutter with at least a 3 ft handle. How do carry a big cutter without being notice unless you use the exit staircase at the end of the building because the house is located at the exit staircase. I believe no matter how you secure it, they will still be able to break in. I have proposed the setting up of CCTV at each exit staircase overlooking the units at each floor to deter the thieves. It may cost a lot but it has to be done for the safety of the resident. If not why bother staying in a condo which is suppose to be safe.

    If everybody agrees, the cost can be advanced by the developer and paid by installment thru the BMF account since the building is still under defect and liability period. This is a way the developer can contribute for shortchanging the owners by giving an unroofed carpark at Level 2 and unreliable lifts and access card reader to name a few. So what say you owners?

  2. Stupido proposal ! after 1 year?? Many break in cases have happen before this, should think bout the security measurement from the start of the JMB establisment.

    I would put the blame on the JMB Committee Members….We appoint them to look after our sucurity & etc etc…..but they are more intrested in other things…….

    I do agree with the other members proposal that the JMB members should go at the next AGM meeting. Useless members…


  3. Dear Liew,
    I understand your grievances and frustration. Credit to JMB should be give where appropriate. How sure are you that the next JMB will be better? JMB members do it voluntarily. If you think you can contribute, why not tell us so we can nominate you during AGM. JMB should also not to be blame because they inherit the problem from the Developer. Pls be reminded that the Developer is shortchanging us owners into giving substandard materials and equipments. That is why I propose the developer to assist us financially where applicable. If this persists, we have to resort to complain to the Consumer Tribunal or HDA.

  4. Dear owners,

    we had such an incredible proposal from Mr Liew instead of coming out with proposals to prevent further break-ins from happening. We , committee members are human. Can any JMC from any condo gives you a written gurantee that there will be no break-ins if you vote for us. We can’t do that at PV10 so the choice is yours whether to choose us or not.

    In the meantime we shall look into proposal made by beedee06. We went to the unit where the break-in occured. We wished to talk to the owner and offered our symphaty but the owner was not in.

    The ear lobe is exactly the same as the one shown in the picture above. They just cut it . The ear lobe is of the thin type. It’s time we take some preventive measures. We had told the guards to buck up too.Register everyone who comes in regardless whether it is for pick up or a long visit. Passes must be given to walk-in visitors and the contract workers.

  5. dear owners,

    A clamp is also useful to prevent a break-in.

  6. I do think what mr Liew is telling is right, JMB committee members are useless. I do agree with him that this members should be out the next AGM.

    First of all this break in cases should not be happening again & again. As the committee members should look at what can prevent this thing from happening from the first time it happens. CCTV on each floor is a good idea but it should b implemented after 2-3 break in cases.

    They the JMB should look into the security matter at first before looking at other things first. I do agree with Mr.Liew.

    Embarassing having non performing JMB members in the committee. If can’t perform better step down & let others to come in unless they are hidden agenda.

  7. Cecilia and Liew,

    I challenged both of you to come forward so that i can recognize your face. The next AGM i will have you both nominated and hopefully be voted to sit in the JMC. With both of you around, most of the PV10 residents will be glad to know that our home is safe and sound. I sincerely hope both of you can come forward. Otherwise just shut up.


  8. Cecilia and Liew,

    I’m not protecting the current JMC but if you can assure us our safety here, i swear i will try and have all the current JMC members removed and have you guys voted in. If i’m not mistaken, there are vacancies in JMC which i think Mr. See will be glad to have you guys in it.

  9. Dear Cecelia and Liew,

    we understand yr emotional outbursts esp when the victim of the theft is someone pretty closed to yr heart or the affected unit is in proximity with yours. U r entitled to yr opinion with regard to the mediocre performance of the current JMC team as far as theft prevention and security is concerned. Frankly speaking, none of them is a professional in this field.

    Dear See ,

    we hv been talking about tightening of the security in our condo since day one but nothing much is done. A big chunk of our maintenance fund (>25%) is spent on security team alone but our mindset on underpaid guards that should logically underperformed remains unchanged. Why not we employ some gurkhas guards in lesser number with the same amount of money in order to be effective in our security control and rid us of the above-mentioned dilemma once and for all? There’s no point in keeping a large but ignorant security team that couldn’t perform and we happily made them a scapegoat as and when a theft occurred.
    Also, it’s silly to expect improvement by just saying repeatly the same thing without any evidence of making any changes just for the courtesy of pacifying the worrying residents.

    CCTV for every level of all the blocks will take considerable time to materialise and blows a big hole in our BMF pocket unless the so-called generous developer is willing to subsidise the cost voluntarily.

    Do we hv any immediate contingency plan to counter effectievly the break-in besides the new measures of issuing and checking of the visitor’s pass ? To stay relevant in our hot pursuit of the subject matter, security/mgt/jmc should collectively conduct a brainstorming session on the following :
    1. identifying the tools that can be used to cut or break open the ear-lobes.
    2. brief security guards thoroughly and get them :
    2.1 to rid the blocks of the tools for a start by checking on suspicious places inside all the blocks that can be used for safe-keeping the tools, such as units under renovation, rubbish house, etc.
    2.2 contractors/visitors/in-house maintenance workers must declare the said tools b4 they are allowed to access the blocks. Likewise, they should also do the same b4 making their exit. Design a tool declaration form for the said purpose and keep a good record of them. Block security gurads to check for the tools diligently.
    3. sensitise all the residents/contractors/visitors/maintenance workers on the said tools and the pertinent new house rules with a simple but effective round of publicity.

    Hi owners,

    this is a forum for u to provide yr constructive ideas on theft prevention. Plis start putting on yr thinking caps for our own benefit.

  10. JMBPV10,

    I believe the African kids has been caught by the CCTV vandalising the lift. May i know what course of action will be taken against them? As previously mentioned, they has become an extreme nuisance in our compound.

    Regarding the safety issue, i propose hourly patrol on every block. If manpower is an issue, we should look into hiring extras or forming a resident association to look after our own compound. Also the JMC should consider inspecting all the locks which falls into the category of weak and kindly advise the owner of the unit for a remedy.

  11. Hi all,

    hopefully all the suggestions in regard with security are not falling onto the deaf ears of the empowered team. JMC should review all our suggestions and select the most effective ones with the least cost impact for implementation. To put Danny’s proposals in the right perspective, we shall :
    1. proactively help to instal for free thick ear-lobes as add-on to the thin ones for the existing door grills. Also spec in thick ear-lobe for all new door grills to be installed. It’s much cheaper to purchase the stock in bulk and getting our handymen/technician trained to perform the task will definitely help owners saving a lot.
    2. Hourly or routine security patrol. Timing and starting point to vary daily to confuse potential burglar to stay effective. Elements of rigidity in this respect should be eliminated. Patrol guard is currently practising top-down system.
    3. getting to know yr neighbour, esp the one residing opposite yr unit is of utmost important. They are in the best position to help keeping an eye on yr unit in yr absence and act accordingly as and when the situation calls for. Advise yr neighbours to put security’s phone # on speed dial mode jsut in case…….

    In addition, cleaners, block guards and patrol guards should be rotated by block on regular basis to deprive them any chance of forming a formiddable team to burgle. Seek the service providers’ help to effect the change and advise them on the rotating system.
    Propose the following rotating system :
    Cleaner – A –> B –> C –> D(or alphabetical sequence)
    Block guard – DCBA (reversed alphabetical sequence)
    Patrol guard – ACBD

    Meanwhile, checking for existing loopholes that encourage illegal entry, such as the big window openings located at L1 and L2 lift lobbies and others. Rectify the loopholes the soonest possible to prevent the illegal entry.

  12. Dear owners / Jmc / commentators,

    will appreciate if all of u can confine this post for break-in discussion only. Attempts to touch on irrelevant issues here is amounting to intentional distraction with ulterior motive. The break-in issue is now our top priority and need to be addressed urgently. Full focus is needed to excel. U r advised to hilite other issues in other posts.

  13. dear owners,

    The guards had already started hourly routine checking after the first break-ins starting from the top floor to the bottom floor besides routine clocking done other guards. We had told the guards to be extra alert from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 pm . This is the time when a break-in may likely occur for the simple reason that the students have gone to school and most of the residents are at work. They had been given a check list for every unit. That is the reason why sometimes you don’t see any of the guards at the lift lobby.

    We , the JMC are not taking security lightly. We have never compromised on security . For every meeting, the first agenda will be on security. There will be another meeting with the security this coming Thursday. We are going to give them a stern reminder. Nobody is going to protect them. If they cannot perform , they have to go . We sacked th first company and we may call for a tender exercise if we feel that the current company is not performing. We have enquired about the gurkhas. They are just too expensive to hire. The rate quoted is about RM 9.00 per hour per guard. Anyone who comes across any condo which hires only gurkhas or the nepalnese guards can give us the contact number. There is a difference between the gurkhas and the normal nepal guards. The gurkhas are ex- soldiers and they are obedient and very brave. The nepalnese are just normal guards. Hiring a good security company is our biggest headache. Having CCTV for every floor is another option. Right now, I don’t think we have the budget to do it. I don’t think the dev is willing to bear the cost but we may try. Maintenance and monitoring of the CCTV may strain our budget too.

    As for the africans, we shall ask the guards to identify the unit and get the guards to inform the parents of their children’s mischief. You see, we instructed the management to print out any mischief or vandalism captured by the CCTV. This action was taken after getting a feedback from one of the commentators. we do appreciate some of the comments highlighted by the residents and try our very best bring improvements to PV10. We do take note of all the comments but we are not able to entertain all.

  14. JMBPV10,

    it seems that routine hourly patrol didn’t work. What is wrong? Are we doing the hourly patrol just for the formality with rigid system that the silliest thief can read but ineffective in theft prevention? Is there any brainstorming session with mgt and security to integrate some effective strategies into the system to make it workable? If u hv none, i like to share with u some strategies here:
    1. Eliminate the rigidity in the patrol system, i.e from top level to bottom level, so as the thieves couldn’t read our system with ease. The guard should vary the starting point of each and every patrol . They can start at any level as long as they cover all the levels within the set time frame.
    2. the guard on patrolling round in block C can also assist to check on the activities in the corridors of block D through the face to face openings at the side-walls of the adjacent blocks, looking for suspicious figures. Block D patrol guard can do likewise on the corridors in block C. Provide the guards a binocular if necessary to hv a better view but make sure the binocular is not being misused for other vicious purposes.

    Web doctor did hilite that the cleaners or guards may collaborate with the thieves fromoutside to commit theft. Any counter-measures being implemented so far to prevent the suspected collaboration? U may consider the following strategies if u hv none:
    1. block rotation on regular basis for cleaners and guards to eliminate any opportunity of establishing the said collaboration.
    2. rotating system of guards and cleaners should differ
    from each other to break any potential partnership for committing the crime.
    3. demand the supervisors of the cleaners and guards to schedule out the manpower rotaing plan to suit our need.

  15. JMBPV10,

    everybody is a suspect as and when a theft occurs. We shall focus on elements of inside job first b4 we move on to others. In my opinion, the most potent insider(s) in this respect is our maintenance group members inclusive handymen who :
    1. hv the skill and tools to cut or prise open the ear lobes with ease.
    2. are in the best position to collaborate with cleaners and guards.
    3. are given the priviledge of free access to all the blocks.
    4. are familiar with the premises.
    5. are lowly paid. Just break-in once and their combined income is increased by many folds even by sharing out the loots, a worthy risk for them to take once in a month.

    As such, we shall execute urgently some of the following controls over the maintenance guys:
    1. tools (esp those competent for break-in job) issuance control. Declare them in the prepared form
    b4 accessing and exiting a block.
    2. log in and log out of the block in the designated log book. Guard to ensure it’s done. We hv to inconvenient them with item 1 & 2 for the sake of our security.
    3. rotating guard/cleaner by block basis regularly to prevent them from collaborating with the maintenance guys.
    In doing so, we can also make the cleaners and guards our eyes to hilite to us all the dubious activities.
    4. maintenance supervisor should walk the blocks to supervise their activities instead of enjoying the comfort of their cosy office. Replace him with a more competent one if he fails to perform.
    5. implement job card system to trace their activities and whereabout at specific time.

    Like to reiterate that we are not here for fingers pointing but narrowing down the most probable causes to ease us nipping the problem in the bug.

  16. Was reading it through this topic, intresting. I do agree with Mr.Liew about the stupidity of this committee members.

    – Highlight Burglary cases in the blog? This what we call stupid act. As if potential buyers reading bout it they get worried & have 2nd tought.

    – The committee members knows well that burglary cases happen before the committee being established. Why are they no CCTV at parking lots? I mean from the start. I was talking to the guard that day & he told me a few cases bout cars being …….not including house break in cases.

    – The guard room doesn’t have a direct phone line? If anything emergency trying to call the guard room how you do it? I even had once to call the guard room but it goes through the management office & it was engage for 20min. Is this what we call SMART? or DUMB?

    – Words spreading around that the committee members are dumb or …….as I had once talk to an owner & he told me that the 6 others committee members that resign due to can’t tolerate with stupid ideas being brought up by this existing members & they prefered to step down. Including 1 of the lawyer that was in the committee.

    Why not try to do something such as CCTV on each floor including parking or any other smart ideas that could prevent this thing to happen again. Please it’s already more then 1 year to get ideas from the existing committee members bout this matter but it just hanging there. What cecilia proposing is right, if the existing don’t have any idea of preventing this things they should give way to others that are smart enough & can solve this matter ASAP.

    I’m just giving my toughts here & not intrested being a committee members. If the committee thinks that they unable to handle it just call off for another AGM where they are many other potential owners that are much more capable. As the chairman have the power to call of the AGM at anytime.

    REMINDER BY REMINDER TO THE SECURITY NOT ENOUGH!… it’s already 1 year +. Reminder again?
    If just reminder & reminder to the security company no point!….unless as cecelia point it out Hidden Agenda?

    I do agree with what ms.cecilia & mr.liew are saying.

  17. jmbpv10,

    like to understand how rampant is the break-in for past 6 months. Will appreciate if u can provide us the statistical data by month for all the break-in cases,be it reported or not. Meanwhile, plis advise us on what’s yr short term and long term KPI goals for the break-in.
    It’s critical to hv the KPI goals with which we can monitor our progress in theft prevention as well as appraise the effectiveness of the action plans we hv implemented. We shall replan if the executed counter-measures are getting nowhere. Otherwise, residents incline to think that JMC is taking the issue lightly.
    The security firm must meet the set KPI goals to secure the extension of its service contract.

  18. Quoting comment by Zhao,

    – Highlight Burglary cases in the blog? This what we call stupid act. As if potential buyers reading bout it they get worried & have 2nd tought.

    I call you the one stupid! I’m as an owner and as well as most here would like to know what is happening in our compound. I don’t like the idea of getting to know last what happened to my neighbours or just listen everything based on hearsay like what you practised.

    – The committee members knows well that burglary cases happen before the committee being established. Why are they no CCTV at parking lots? I mean from the start. I was talking to the guard that day & he told me a few cases bout cars being …….not including house break in cases.

    -Why not try to do something such as CCTV on each floor including parking or any other smart ideas that could prevent this thing to happen again. Please it’s already more then 1 year to get ideas from the existing committee members bout this matter but it just hanging there. What cecilia proposing is right, if the existing don’t have any idea of preventing this things they should give way to others that are smart enough & can solve this matter ASAP.

    Ever consider if our coffers is enough to put CCTVs on every floor? Don’t forget the extra manpower needed to monitor the CCTVs. Money don’t drop from the sky into JMB. Maybe you could contribute a huge chunk for this project and i will be the first to push for it to get it done.

    – The guard room doesn’t have a direct phone line? If anything emergency trying to call the guard room how you do it? I even had once to call the guard room but it goes through the management office & it was engage for 20min. Is this what we call SMART? or DUMB?

    I don’t have problem calling management office or guard post before. The management is picking up at 9am-5pm and after office hour the line is transferred to the guard room. However, i do agree there should be a separate line for both.

    – Words spreading around that the committee members are dumb or …….as I had once talk to an owner & he told me that the 6 others committee members that resign due to can’t tolerate with stupid ideas being brought up by this existing members & they prefered to step down. Including 1 of the lawyer that was in the committee.

    See this is what happen when people like you prefers to discuss who is stupid and who is not. Words spreading whether true or not from people like you. So this is what we called rumours.

    Last few words to Zhao,

    If you don’t like the JMC, vote them out next AGM. Rumours had it that you are stupid too because you swerve out of topic into cursing people stupid. Don’t know what started it. Get what i mean? JMC don’t get a single cent for working towards PV10’s welfare. If you don’t appreciate it, don’t call them stupid. Just vote them out. Most of us here would still prefer to contribute ideas instead putting up nonsense remarks.

  19. Dear Zhao,

    Zhao Said- Highlight Burglary cases in the blog? This what we call stupid act. As if potential buyers reading bout it they get worried & have 2nd tought.

    Comment : the purpose of this blog is for all the residents to hilite their concerns and seek solutions from JMC. Their concerns may not be yr priorities but u hv no legitimate right to insult or humiliate them for hiliting what’s at their heart. We want to collectively make this blog as transparent as possible and put forward everything under the sun in democratic manner for open discussion, no covering up. We don’t give a damn to what potential buyers think as it’s none of our business here albeit it may be yours. Our ultimate goal is to make pv10 the most secure and safest place to reside. Do respect others if u want them to reciprocate. Advisable not to create a war zone unnecessarily.

  20. JMBPV10,

    The African kids were caught drawing the walls in the lift in the presence of their guardian. Although, their picture have been put up on the notice board, i believe they will not come forward to own up. I want to know what course of action can be taken against them.

    Regarding the CCTVs, i think it is high time we seriously consider it. Maybe you should calculate and present us with the estimate cost of it. Although, i agree there will be break-ins in every condo but it is not a reason why we should put up with it no matter how rare it is over here. The developers are partly to blame in this matter and like Raymond said they should take responsibility by bearing some of the cost.

  21. Off course I’m worried cause I’m renting out my unit in PV10 so I don’t want the renting price goes down due to unsafe environment in PV10. Which having unreliable committee members.

    I was reading it out most of the time I think this blog comments are just between a group only that are pro the committee members or the committee members themself that are giving the comments & answering the comments.

    Someone told me this & I didn’t believe it, but now I think it’s true. Anyway good luck with the tricks.

    As we Malaysia are very smart now.

    Takecare, hope trick works.

  22. Zhao,

    i won’t say u r entirely wrong as i’m in the same position as yours. I will definitely back u up if yr comment is constructive. U won’t hv said i’m one of them if u really did digest all my comments in this blog. Plis read up the comments in the post for the renewal of fire insurance in particular to get yourself convinced. I may be an odd one out but i will continue to battle on for the well-being of our residents. Do not give up that easily without putting in a good civilised fight as the old saying goes, “as the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. What u hv just encountered is merely a minor setback, not a big deal.
    I know u can contribute, plis do so patiently.
    To quit now is another mistake and bear in mind that two wrongs can’t make a right.

  23. Zhao,

    If you are not staying in PV10, what do you really know about the progress here? Based of hearsay? Based on someone told you so?

    Who is pro to the committee here? Mind to name them? Me? Raymond? I certainly do want to know.

    Someone also told me there is a troll here who is using multiple nick and accuse the commentators here of being the very same person and he keeps saying that this blog is a trick in disguise to support the JMC.

    I’m Malaysian too. I guess that makes us all as smart as you are.


  24. Block A owner,

    Stupid Zhao,

    I have never seen a guy as selfish and as dump as you are. To protect your own interest, you go to the extend of calling the JMC stupid for highlighting the burglary case. It seems that you are more worried about being not be able to rent out your unit . If you are human, you should show some symphaty to the victim of the burglary.

    If they don’t highlight the case, all the residents will be in the comfort zone. Will they be alert and take extra precaution? You are not fit to own a property at PV 10. By calling for the JMC to resign, do you think it will resolve the problem. Can another committee assure you that there will be no break-in if they take ove? Use your stupid head and think.

    Break-ins happen everywhere, be it in the high end condos or the low cost flats. We should work together of how to solve the problem and not bark without any basis.

  25.!….agreed with zhao and liew.

    He got the point there.

  26. absolutely right, I’ll go for mr zhao’s comment.

    If it’s more then 1 year still loop holes are there, then something is wrong somewhere. As a gentleman the members should resxxx.

    Let’s give a chance to new JMB members that can resolve this security issue ASAP.

    1 year + nothing improve in security,hmmmmm can’t say much.

    We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and the sensation of Time. And there are but two means of escaping and forgetting this nightmare: pleasure and work. Pleasure consumes us. Work strengthens us. Let us choose.

  27. Zhao..Cat..Liew la…cecila what la.., sounds like because all of u are part of these shit cases happend here. Brought the unit…sell it or live in it…dont simply let those basket agents rent it out. Only owners who live in PV10 really care bout PV10, and not just talk n talk! what the shit u all can suggest? JMB members volunteer their best effort to get things done, i believe most of us here can give suggestion, but can’t volunteer them self…why?..think yourself before u comment anything.

    The management again, what the ‘F’ they don’t open on Saturday anymore? so that they can charge us extra rates for late payment?..most of us work 5 days a week, how the hack we gonna pay the fees or make complaints during working day! At least 9am to 1pm on saturday.
    JMB please reconsider this matter.

  28. More then 1 year ???? we should call off the JMB members.

    Agreed. Unproductive JMB members.

  29. Hi owners,

    disappointed to see this blog being abused with unconstructive as well as distractive comments being made to lead us astray. It’s high time for JMC to list down in detail their contributions and achievements thus far, the projects at hand and the length of tenure since its formation to ensure new commentators who are also owners are not easily misled . The essence over here is the clarity. The opponents of the current JMC team can use their legitimate right to vote out the team members when the AGM is due shortly. No point to rush into it now. Owners who are truly concerned with the well-being of the residents (excluding the non-residing owners) should ignore all the craps with attached ulterior motives being raised here and continue the good effort in providing constructive ideas for creating a conducive enviroment for happy living. Do not get distracted and we shall at all times stay focused on matters close to our hearts.
    All and sundry, the ideal scenario is all the owners and residents can work together as a team to deter the existing and potential vicious crimes for creation of healthy living instead of going on baseless argument and debate.

  30. Dear All,

    I agree with your comments about JMB. Maybe they are not up to your expectations but they are human too and they volunteer their services FOC to make you and me feel comfortable living in PV10. There may be some setback but credit must be given where it is due and should they fail then we have to tell them. No point asking them to resign just because of things that you or I is not satisfied. No need to thank them but do not insult them. Where are our manners? Do you think a new set of JMB will be better? Any guarantees? I too sometimes feel that my suggestions fell into deaf ears by JMB but I still contribute ideas and maybe one day my ideas will gain acceptance. I have suggested notice boards to be placed at Level 1 and Level 2 and CCTV to be installed at all levels and the perimeter and also intercom to guard house and units. After much debates, I can now see some positive indication from the owners and JMB to implement. This is the purpose of this blog, to brainstorm and come to a conclusion to settle our grievances and concerns to make PV10 a better place to live.

    Our main concern now is the spate of break ins. Let us contribute our ideas to solve this issue. Raymond57 have suggested a management insight to solve this problem with his forms and format. I have suggested CCTV but that is a long term measure but for short to medium term measures, I propose to increase the nos of guards doing patrol especially from 10am – 5pm. Maybe we could have 1 guard stationed every 5 floors and they can make their rounds more frequent so as to deter any would be break-ins. If they were to patrol the 5 floors, they will take less than 30 mins to finish their rounds. Let’s just say we station the guards at Level 5 to cover Level 3 to Level 7 and another guard at Level 10 to cover Level 8 to Level 12 and so on. That will take the guards to patrol the 5 floors twice within 30 mins. Will the burglars take any chances? If that still persists, then at least we can put the blame on them and the KPI for the security company.

    It is a cost to us but should we have it as a deterrent? What say you owners? We have replaced the security company for inefficiency and have appointed a new one but we still have break-ins. Should we replaced them? Any guarantee a new one will solve our problems? I have seen them work and I believe they have done their best with the nos of guards that they have. JMB insists on 9 guards per shift but maybe we should increase these nos during day time. Can we afford it?

    To Mr. See, don’t be too concern about maintenance in 10yrs time. We may not be around to wait for 10yrs if burglary happens frequently now. Let’s look at current needs and costs and worry about the future later. As they say

    yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift (present).

    So let’s worry about today. Can we increase the nos of guards doing patrol during the daytime? Any takers?

  31. Dear All,

    It’s not hard to spot the troll here who keep posting under a different nick. He/She is just interested to stir up a storm in this blog. Please ignore these unconstructive posts.

    Spot these mistakes of words from Cat, Liew, Zhao, Kavitha, walaway, Cecilia, Alan.

    -loop holes
    -more then

    Good job.

  32. Anyway I hope readers will read & understand carefully, If you are any way against their ideas or have a negative comments againts them you will realize that all of theM will come after you even though you got the point. If you are “yes boss” or “correct” then they will hail you.

    You should also observe when they are comments of asking the JMB members to step down the nick below will say “we need to give credit to JMB members”

    Please also read all the threads & see yourself. They are good in covering back.

    I was thinking not to reveal this cause thinking of their water face, I think I should now….

    Danny & Block A Owner aka@ Mr Lim Choon Hock – Committee member

    Beedee06 & M.Fairuz aka@ Mr.Mr.Fairuz Committee Member.

    Raymond57 & oWnEr Of bLoCk B aka@ Cheong Wei

    You must really in shock how the info got into public? Leak coming from one of you.

    I hope that you could create new nick so no one will suspect you guys.

    The member told his friend & his friend spreading to others.

    Anyway looks who is doing the dirty tricks?

    Nice coverup but sometimes it’s too obvious.

    Good Luck..maybe trying other new trick which we won’t be aware.

    We can read it but not to believe it 🙂

    Thank You & Have A Pleasant DaY.

  33. L i e w ,

    Don’t try to be smart when u r not…is rediculous!
    I know u have a ‘ Potato’ brain, but don’t use it in this blog, no one intrested. Wasting your time here judge this and that. Be brave and step out to volunteer yourself to contribute altough u don’t live here. U just care about your property that you rented out.
    Is that unit rented to one of the burglars?..oh ya..u dont border!

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