The Creation of JMC-PV 10


The creation of JMC-PV10 blog

As the newly appointed chairman of the JMC– PV10, I was quite hesitant in creating this blog. I really don’t know what kind of comments I would receive from the residents of PV10. In order to gauge the reactions from the residents. I do not wish to exercise any comment moderation on this blog. I just wish the residents should moderate themselves before they post any comments on the blog. Please do not use any vulgar words. Please do not raise any sensitive issues that may offend the feelings of other communities.

The main objective of this blog is to provide information on what theJMC is doing and to receive feedback from the residents.

Many owners may be keen to know why I was appointed to be the chairman. The ex-chairman tendered his resignation without giving any reasons. We do not want to speculate on the circumstances leading to his resignation. It’s history now. We have to move on. TheJMC was left in a limbo and is unable to function. I took the initiative to call for a discussion among the existing committee members. I told them that we have to complete the tasks ahead of us. I was proposed to be the new chairman. The official appointment was carried out in a full JMC meeting with the presence of the PVD Property Management Sdn Bhd personnel and the developer’s representative. It was a unanimous decision. Visit this site for better info.;action=display;threadid=2534

Before I start writing about Platinum, I wish to stress that I accepted the post with strong reservation. The owners may well remember that during the first AGM, I was nominated to be the chairman but I declined for the simple reason that I want someone who is a resident at Platinum to be the chairman. After going through all the events, I feel that the JMC needs someone who is competent to complete the task. I am not a resident but an owner. Many owners may use this an excuse to attack me. I am well prepared for it. I feel that with the support of other committee members and PVPMSB, I’ve the confident and the experience to ride out the storm. I am a school teacher and time is not an issue to me. As an owner, I want my property to be well maintained too. I am well aware that a property that is well maintained will definitely increase in value. In the event that I cannot perform up to the expectation of the residents, I shall also resign. This is a not an easy task. Our condo consists of 800 units with many different races. There are bound to be differences in perceptions. Different owners want different rules for the condo. As long as my conscience is clear, I shall persevere under whatever circumstances.The JMC motto is integrity, transparency and accountability.

This blog will only be made known to the residents if there are no objections from other committee members.

Goodnight and have a nice day!


Wendy Koh said…
I’m glad to have you as our new charman, there is no doubt on your experience in JMC. I’ve learn a lots from you personally. Welcome on board & I believe we’ll have a wonderful journey through out a year with the JMC Motto “Integrity, Transparency and Accountability”

me & the act said…
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muzza said…
First and fore most I would like to thank you for the initiative to create this blog spot. I got to know about it from the notice board in my block today while browsing through for new updates.
I have a few recommendation and also comment that I think will be able to improve the milieu 
or surroundings in PV10. 

As for now, please let me highlight some suggestion for the JMB consideration:
1.Pool safety and usage.
i.I have doubt that the security guards monitoring the pool are also trained life guards. I would recommend that they are equip with a lifebuoy, emergency kit and also some form of notice or instruction to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to drowning victims in one of the gazebo. They can read it other people can also read it. It may come in handy one day.
ii.Would appreciate more if we can ensure people with skin problems/disease to be forbidden from using the pool (Personally, I think this is common sense). I would suggest to include in the noticed by the pool of this matter as reminder. They can use it when they are fully recovered or cured.
iii.Please add in the notes to seek cooperation from the pool user to dry them self or their kids before going back to their home / unit /block. I dont think I need to eleorate why this is required. 
2.Parking outside the compound
i.I would suggest for a guide for tenants / owner who parked their vehicle outside the compound. The guide should include :
a)The location which are recommended to park or NOT to park. Corners / Junctions are highly NOT recommended. It blocks the view for out going and also incoming vehicle.
b)How should the park their vehicle. I noticed some tenants park up on the side walk (maybe not the entire car is on the side walk). This could easily damage the side walk.
c)Type of vehicle: I noticed there are heavy construction vehicles / buses and even commercial vehicle are parked in out surroundings. I think it will be appropriate if we do not allow such vehicle to be leave in the condos surrounding
3.Online Forum
i.I would suggest that the JMB consider to open a proper online forum. This can be seen as a bridge that provides direct interaction tetween the owner / tenant, then JMB and the developer it self.
ii.Set back of this is that the online forum would need a group off peaple to manage it to avoid technical problem which may end up with service interruption. 

Thats it for now..and will be writing in from time to time…

SEE said…

thank you for your feedback. Your proposals and suggestions are commendable. all your in put will be noted. we are in the process of inhancing the security by making them more professional. the existing guards will not be able to do the job. the JMC is trying to do their best. we appreciate whatever suggestions or proposal from the residents. good night and thank you once again

Foo said…
I am the owner and resident of PV10, but not in KL for the past few months. When i am back to KL today, i felt shocked when i heard the chairman already changed.
Not really know who are you, but i can see the JMC become more transparent right now.

Good to hear that you’ve created a blog here either to convey the message or collect the messages from residents (as i know, you are not staying here). Bidirectional communiction..Good!

SEE said…
hai foo,

I am just trying my best. I am not indispensable. Anyone who thinks that he can do a better job, by all means he can take over in the next AGM. this is only an interim measure. I leave it to the owners to judge whether Platinum is getting worse or getting better.

Kathy said…

As an owner and resident of one of the unit in PV10, am glad i found this blog. I know that being in a responsible position is not an easy task. This blog will definitely will be helpful to keep the residents informed and also give our feedback to JMC. 

I have a concern about vandalism of the emergency stairways gate situated at each side of the building block. The door knob always seemed spoilt and today i noticed in Block A the gate has been cut near the knob. I am wondering who would have done that?. So i would suggest, CCTV is installed to monitor this access ways. This will serve as a deterrent to those who use this stairways irresponsibly, intent to vandalize or provide better security from unauthorized access.

Thank You


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