Another break-in

Dear owners,

We wish to apologize for the break-ins that are happening at PV10. We understand your concerns. We are trying our best to get the security company to tighten the security. Nobody will like it to happen. We shall brainstorm the issue with the security company this coming Thursday.

As for the unit that was broken into , the burglar cut the ear lobe as shown in the picture above.

In the meantime, we wish to appeal to the residents to take exrtra precautions. We do not really know when the burglar will strike again. We are also not in the position to provide you a gurantee that it will not happen again. If we do that we are giving you a false hope. If it is an inside job, more break-ins will likely to occur.

For temporary measure, you can use a clamp as shown in the picture above to lock your grill. This method helps at the height of the break-ins occuring at Prima Setapak. It will deter your house from being a target as it will take a longer time and make it more difficult for the potential burglar to carry out a break -in . For the burglars, they will like to finish the job as fast as possible.

For the long term, we may look into the installation of CCTV on every floor. We shall get a company to quote and let you know the cost. If you have any contacts in this business, you may be able to get some infos and let us know the cost.

Any break-in that happens at PV10 will be reported through this blog. We shall not be that selfish or afraid to reveal it as to protect our positions in the JMBPV10 or to protect those who want to sell or rent their properties. Our positions in the JMBPV10 are decided by you all.

44 Responses

  1. I think better to call off another AGM meeting. I’m leaving back my grandma at home alone while I’m at work.

    Just don’t have the trust of this current JMB members. I was reading the comments by other owners which prefer this current members to call for an AGM meeting & re appoint new committee members.

    Honestly speaking don’t have trust anymore on this current JMB members.

    Mr.See will be much better for you & your team to step down and let the owners choose new members that can improve something. As they are owners comments that almost 1 year + this loop holes are still there.

  2. Dear to all owner,

    As i understand, these break-in case happend during afternoon time as majority of all the owners were at work. What left here are only students and some tenant which they don’t go to work.
    All of this is because those unresponsible owners and those bastard agent that get those units rented out no matter what background they are.What they care is money..and money..! Everytime when i received that call from those agents ,i ask them why till now PV10 is so demanding for rental? is it because new home whit new owner always have everything new at home,so that it will attract burglars to break in.
    Those burglars don’t use lift, they use the stairs.
    Hope all owners will step out to fight against these burglars,know your neighbours please!

  3. Please don’t blame the JMB, i think the JMB do their job well. Just only the student cause a lot of problem to us. e.g. shouting in the mid night, stolen water in the rubbish room, littering outside the rubbish room and more… Installing the CCTV on every floor may help into the problem. Hope the JMB will install the CCTV as fast as possible to prevent the unwanted situation happen.


  4. My deepest sympathy to the victim.

    – All the victims should come together and try to appoint a lawyer and take this into legal matter which they can sue the JMB of neglaction.

    – JMB are the board of director if you to put in an organization way. If the organization not doing well it’s the blame to be put on the board of directors (JMB).

    I voted for Mr.See and few other faces in the previous AGM ,but now I feel dissapointed cause I made a wrong vote.

    I hope that we can call back our previous JMB chairman Mr.Lim to take back his seat including our previous lawyer that was in the JMB. Not sure why all of them resign at 1 time.

    This all heppens due to unprofessional management which is under the JMB. I also will take this opportunity to call them to step down respectly.

    Some of the comments got their points right, more then 1 year still security loop holes. Regarding the CCTV it has been brought up at our 1st AGM meeting, till today it’s just a talk again.


  5. Dear All,

    I agree with your comments about JMB. Maybe they are not up to your expectations but they are human too and they volunteer their services FOC to make you and me feel comfortable living in PV10. There may be some setback but credit must be given where it is due and should they fail then we have to tell them. No point asking them to resign just because of things that you or I is not satisfied. No need to thank them but do not insult them. Where are our manners? Do you think a new set of JMB will be better? Any guarantees? I too sometimes feel that my suggestions fell into deaf ears by JMB but I still contribute ideas and maybe one day my ideas will gain acceptance. I have suggested notice boards to be placed at Level 1 and Level 2 and CCTV to be installed at all levels and the perimeter and also intercom to guard house and units. After much debates, I can now see some positive indication from the owners and JMB to implement. This is the purpose of this blog, to brainstorm and come to a conclusion to settle our grievances and concerns to make PV10 a better place to live.

    Our main concern now is the spate of break ins. Let us contribute our ideas to solve this issue. Raymond57 have suggested a management insight to solve this problem with his forms and format. I have suggested CCTV but that is a long term measure but for short to medium term measures, I propose to increase the nos of guards doing patrol especially from 10am – 5pm. Maybe we could have 1 guard stationed every 5 floors and they can make their rounds more frequent so as to deter any would be break-ins. If they were to patrol the 5 floors, they will take less than 30 mins to finish their rounds. Let’s just say we station the guards at Level 5 to cover Level 3 to Level 7 and another guard at Level 10 to cover Level 8 to Level 12 and so on. That will take the guards to patrol the 5 floors twice within 30 mins. Will the burglars take any chances? If that still persists, then at least we can put the blame on them and the KPI for the security company.

    It is a cost to us but should we have it as a deterrent? What say you owners? We have replaced the security company for inefficiency and have appointed a new one but we still have break-ins. Should we replaced them? Any guarantee a new one will solve our problems? I have seen them work and I believe they have done their best with the nos of guards that they have. JMB insists on 9 guards per shift but maybe we should increase these nos during day time. Can we afford it?

    To Mr. See, don’t be too concern about maintenance in 10yrs time. We may not be around to wait for 10yrs if burglary happens frequently now. Let’s look at current needs and costs and worry about the future later. As they say

    yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift (present).

    So let’s worry about today. Can we increase the nos of guards doing patrol during the daytime? Any takers?

  6. Hi owners,

    it’s a wasteful effort to fight among ourselves and being laughed at and ridiculed by our common enemies, the thieves who steal, the developer who duped us, the mischievous and indisciplined residents who vandalised and create havocs within the premises. Ask yourself frankly, what did u gain in your meaningless and wasteful demeanour? We shall channel our effort and energy to collectively wipe out the criminals, to discipline the indisciplined residents as well as to claim compensation from the developer who hv duped us on :
    1. unroofed walkway for roofed car park.
    2. slippery corridor caused by poor architectural design.
    3. mismatch of the value of our properties with the low end lifts and barriers provided by them.
    4. developer to pay their fair share of quit rent and fire insurance premium for owning >150 car parks in our premises. So on and so forth.

    Don’t be unduly embroiled on one issue and hv the rest neglected. We shall continue our relentless effort to fight against our common enemies.

  7. Hi all,

    May I know which block the burglary happened again?
    It sounds like really unsafe for our condo. The safety quality has been our concern since very long ago. At first when I moved into this condo Sept last year, I felt like it was a good condo to stay. However, as time goes by, I saw this condo is getting crowded with lots of students, black foreigners…really make me disappointed and felt like my choice to buy this condo is wrong.

    I do hope the JMC members can come out with the short term counter measure very soon to benefit all of the tenants and owners here. Dont wait till it happens and happens again till it affects the reputation of our condo.


    Block A Owner

  8. The blame is to put on all those owner who simply rented out their properties here. The person who cause vandalism mostly are rented tenants here. For example the African Kids , where u can see their parents don’t even ‘F’ to care….and they love! to play around with the liftS.
    Another is on my block, where a local family tenants
    too are rented one. 3-4 times a week they dispose their gardbage . The way they do it is horrible. Is like dragging a dead body with full of cuts and bleeding, stretch along the corridor. If this person is one of the owner, she wouldn’t do that for sure.

    I know PV10 is not a high end condo like Sunrise and YTL ones ,where price is as low as 5 times higher then PV10 /unit. Maintenance fees is also at least 5X higher the us, where i got a client staying at Damai condo, Mont Kiara. She paid 80cents/ SQF , where total out about 1280 for 1500sqf maintenance fees a month.So what more can we expect .
    Co-operation among owners here is very important. Get to know your neighbours, help each other to fight crime.

  9. Dear All,

    It’s not hard to spot the troll here who keep posting under a different nick. He/She is just interested to stir up a storm in this blog. Please ignore these unconstructive posts.

    Spot these mistakes of words from Cat, Liew, Zhao, Kavitha, walaway, Cecilia, Alan.

    -loop holes
    -more then

    Good job.

  10. Credit should b given to JMB members for coming out with beautiful letterhead, beautiful JMB office.

    discredit should also be given to JMB :

    @ security issues not solved more then 1 year.

    @ issues with developer not resolved as raymond highlighted.

    @ cleaning issues

    @ JMB doing their job voluntarily, agreed. We should ask why many owners not satisfied with their performance? They are many other owners are willing to contribute & be in the committee members and thy also knows that it’s FOC.

    Call off for an AGM meeting then all of us will know if they are satisfied with this current JMB members. Thats the best way rather then doing it here. We also will know if the current JMB members have the support of the owners here for now, as dissatisfaction among owners are very very high.

  11. Remider to all again, please report to JMB/ management if found any suspicious unit that might be one of the burglar is staying.
    It is a insider job together with outsider. Last night, i saw a guy walking on my block to sneak on every unit, when he saw me, he quickly walk away and pretend to look for someone. I later follow him from far away, he use the far end staircase to go round from floor to floor.
    Remember, these thieves will take the oportunity during thunderstorm where no one will realise when they break in. During this time, the patrol guard must be smart enough to run their routine , i amsure one day they will capture the burglars in hand.

  12. Anyway I hope readers will read & understand carefully, If you are any way against their ideas or have a negative comments againts them you will realize that all of theM will come after you even though you got the point. If you are “yes boss” or “correct” then they will hail you.

    You should also observe when they are comments of asking the JMB members to step down the nick below will say “we need to give credit to JMB members”

    Please also read all the threads & see yourself. They are good in covering back.

    I was thinking not to reveal this cause thinking of their water face, I think I should now….

    Danny & Block A Owner aka@ Mr Lim Choon Hock – Committee member

    Beedee06 & M.Fairuz aka@ Mr.Mr.Fairuz Committee Member.

    Raymond57 & oWnEr Of bLoCk B aka@ Cheong Wei

    You must really in shock how the info got into public? Leak coming from one of you.

    I hope that you could create new nick so no one will suspect you guys.

    The member told his friend & his friend spreading to others.

    Anyway looks who is doing the dirty tricks?

    Nice coverup but sometimes it’s too obvious.

    Good Luck..maybe trying other new trick which we won’t be aware.

    We can read it but not to believe it

    Thank You & Have A Pleasant DaY

  13. ‘ Mr Potato Brain’ what a guess….but none of it is correct. Don’t waste time commenting these in this blog.

  14. Dear all,

    Effective today,
    to avoid any allegation on comments by reader with the same identity, you need to register your Name and Email address. WordPress will help to classify whether your IP address is identical or diverse.

    Thank You

  15. Hi all,

    oWnEr Of bLoCk B’s feedback is a constructive one. We shall watch out for strangers loitering around with wicked intention in our premises . They hv no business to be here. If u dare, take a good photo shot of the loiterers and submit it to mgt to facilitate theft investigation in future.


    plis make sure the hourly patrolling task is done with intended purposes. Merely walking up and down the premises blindly just to show the guards’ presence is not good enough. Need to redefine the job scopes of the guards to include :

    1. record down whatever abnormailities they detected,
    eg. loiterers or suspicious figures.
    2. query the suspects and take photo of them for future reference.
    3. submit hourly check report without fail to their boss.

  16. JMBPV10,

    plis clarify the following to thrash out all the doubts:

    – As for the unit that was broken into the second time, the burglar cut the ear lobe as shown in the picture above.

    Q : the same unit suffered from the theft twice?

    Another break-in.

    Q : r u referring to the victimised unit Danny hilited on 18 Apr?

  17. dear raymond,

    it is not the same unit. the first unit is from block B

  18. JMBPV10,

    how many cases of theft happened this year?
    Plis enlighten all with details on date/block/level.


  19. dear owners,

    to date, there were two break-ins. One is from block B, level 16 and the other is from block A, level 5. All these cases occured in the afternoon.

  20. JMBPV10,

    the break-in rate is 2 months once. Not good enough.
    Plis set the break-in KPI goal at a realistic level of once per 6 months with immediate effect for our security team to meet. Failure with will result in termination of their service. We are expecting 0 break-in case by next year.

    Owners hv suggested numerous impressive strategies to enhance our security features and system to outwit the burglars. Plis hv a thorough review over their feasibility with security bosses and hv us updated. We shall try to maximise the utilisation of the existing resources to curb the crime b4 considering high-cost measures to nip it in the bug.

  21. JBMPV10,

    where can i buy the clamp u recommended?
    Can mgt coordinate to buy it in bulk with discount rate?
    Plis advise.

  22. JMBPV10,

    the break-in incident will directly tarnish the good image of our developer for their security oversight and consequentially jeopardising their future property launches. Lets offer them an opportunity to sponsor a theft deterrent lock clamp for each and every condo unit to right their wrong. Based on RM50 per clamp, the total cost is merely rm40000, a meagre amount to their financial standard.

  23. dear owners,

    this type of clamp is available at any hardware shop. the cost is about Rm20.00 each.

  24. JMBPV10,

    too cheap.
    The developer can afford to sponsor us the high-end anti-theft clamp.

  25. JMBPV10,

    Please enlighten us the number of house and car break-ins since the formation of JMB.

    Any of the case being solved so far?

    What is the next course of action to tighten the security in PV10?

    Has there been any permanent or temporary security measures being applied?

  26. Hi there,

    I would like to comment on Liew’s comment that is posted on 21st April..about the pin-point who is the one that make unnecessary allegation in this blog. I would like to say all the names he/she guess are wrong..because the comment from block A owner is coming from me, not from Danny or from our Block A committee member.

    So, I do hope that Liew has the moral responsibility on making constructive comments instead of making pointless blaming here.

    For the break-in prevention, I do hope that JMC can come out with the temp measures as soon as possible to prevent more break-in happened again. I am kind of disappointed with the break-in happenede recently and also the safety in our condo and surrounding our condo.
    Really feel unsafe staying in this condo nowadays.

    So pls JMC can counter this problem as soon as possible.

    Mr. Lee Block A

  27. Mr. Lee,

    I am Danny. I am not a committee member and never had admit myself a committee member. Please disregard comments from any pea brain commentator who are more than interested in stirring up a storm here.

    I am also from Block A so maybe one fine day we can have a drink at the mamak downstair.

  28. Danny and Lee,

    lets ignore the synnonym under disguise and be back on our right track to be constructive commentators. We don’t owe them any explanation or a peanut. We can contribute more if we stay focused on the issues we concerned the most.

  29. kavitha, Alan, Cat, Liew, Zhao, Cecelia and Walaway and others who called for our resignations,

    I guess, I owe the owners an explanantion pertaining to the resignations of other committee members and the ex-chairman.

    After the AGM, we held our first JMC meeting at the dev’s office. The attendance was 100%. There was an active discussion. I was just an ordinary committee member then. In the 2nd meeting, I discovered a few committee members were missing. We were told that they had tendered their resignations. The seceretary tendered her resignation too. No explanations were given. They just went on absent without leave. Until to day, we do not know why they resigned.

    As for the ex-chairman, He just vanished into the thin air. He did not even call for a meeting to tender his resignation. No explanation was given. The responsibility is on him to execute a proper handover. He refused to take any calls. I called him a couple of times but he jusr refused to respond. Until today, nobody knows the reason why he resigned. We have to thank him for leaving behind a comfortable JMB office for us to use.

    Let me ask you all, what should we do? A committee without a chairman and a secretary. We can all resign and let the owners named above to take over. Mr. Liew may make a good and efficient chairman. Ms Kavitha may make a good secretary. Cecelia may make s good treasurer and MrZhao who is so worried that he cannot rent out his property and called us “stupid” after we highlighted it will make a good committee member.

    If we just go missing in action, what will happen to PV10. We are not the type to neglect our responsibilties. We had been appointed by you all and we have soldier on no matter what others say. You can criticize but don’t use word like ‘stupid’ on us. You don’t have to praise us when we do something right but please learn to appreciate what we have contributed so far.

    Don’t forget, we started to get active for only a couple of months.We definitely do not want PV10 to have team A and team B. The commentators above assumed that we have been around for years. We are here to stay. If you refer to Act 663, we may be around for 3 years if we want to hold on to our positions. Break-ins is the issue that we are facing now. Let’s solve the problem together.

  30. JMBPV10,

    for transparency purposes, plis disclose to us the minutes of the first JMC meeting immediately after the first AGM. Hopefully it’s not under the purview of OSA that prohibits its declassification. Perhaps some clues are exhibited in the minutes on the enbloc resignation of several members.

    Also list down JMC’s contributions thus far in monetary terms so as the new team to be helmed by Mr Liew can emulate the achievements.

  31. JMBPV10,

    sufficient pointers being provided by the commentators on ways and means in security enhancement. Plis make sure no stone is unturned in
    yr impending discussion with security team to generate a theft-proof solutions.

  32. Hi everyone. I just wanna inform everybody that some of the tenants, especially student are having pets in the condo (my neighbour have a dog). I think they are keeping their dog in the room coz every once in a while I can hear the dog is barking. In fact, I saw it once when they were playing with the dog in the house at nite. It was a poodle, but we are not allowed to have pets in the condo rite? I mean its a dog n who knows what they might have in their house next time. Furthermore, I’m actually quite frustrated especially at nite when I hear sounds of people playing mahjongs, poker games, & shouting or laughing not knowing that there are peoples trying to sleep. Don’t they (those students) know how to be considerate to those living in their surroundings?

  33. Hi morning everyone,

    so far I am wondered any short term or long term counter measure have been taken in order to prevent break in from happening?

    also this morning, when I was leaving the condo, I saw there is something happening at the ground floor block B there. I saw few guards there and the small road to the block B outside car park is blocked. Anyone know what is happening? I do hope it is not a bad thing happened there else I will be getting worried about our safety in this condo.

    cheer up everyone. let’s cooperate together to ensure our condo is always in safety condition.

  34. mrleeblocka,

    What happening this morning is a guy falls from his unit. But still not known what cause the tragedy. But for sure its a man, looks like a Chinese man to me, based on his skin color. But dun dare to look close. I just hope its an accident not a suicide. Scared huh.

  35. ayatt,

    there are other more scary possibilities such as gang fight, ah long after their debtors, victimised by failed theft attempt, mat rempit taking revenge, etc. But all these are part and parcel of our lives. Lets take it on our stride and live happily for today. Don’t be unduly stressed by realities of life. U will soon adapt to this scary enviroment. Lets wait for security’s report.

  36. JMBPV10,

    April is drawing to a close soon but preceding month’s financial report is still out of sight. The report should hv been published within 3 weeks after completion of the month to stay efficient and transparent. Otherwise, Liew and his gang will stir up another storm in yr cup for suspected malpractices, hanky-panky, etc and will not save yr WATER FACE for COVERING BACK(some unique but interesting quotes from Liew).

  37. Mr. Lee,

    As i always had emphasized, when something happened within our compound. always demand the answer and your right to know first from the JMC or management. We as the owner here cannot be kept in the dark over matters that happened within our compound.

    Otherwise, we will have people like Liew who will only listen from other people and judge things based on hearsay.

    This blog here is good place for us to demand a direct answer from the JMB in any case. Let us all put it to a good use.


    You still owe me a reply to my previous post.

    Please enlighten us the number of house and car break-ins since the formation of JMB.

    Any of the case being solved so far?

    What is the next course of action to tighten the security in PV10?

    Has there been any permanent or temporary security measures being applied?

  38. JMBPV10,

    it’s high time for us to implement demerit point system to get rid of the under-performed guards based on break-in incidents, be it car or properties, happened in the zone under their surveillance. Replace the under-performed guard with a new blood to indicate we mean business in our relenless effort to eradicate theft in our premises. Demand security sup to implement it asap or he himself get the sack.

    While we are squeezing our heads to contribute constructive ideas, Liew and gang is taking their shelter somewhere at safe heaven, doing nothing. Expect him to appear from nowhere one fine day with all his cylinders firing to curse, condemn and blame the commentators at their whim and fancy. The gang may hv perceived that PV10 is indebted to them in their previous life and time is ripe now for them to reap their harvest without contributing any effort. Frankly speaking, the gang must be retrospective on what they hv contributed (nothing for exact) since this blog being created. Nevertheless, they behaved like some pampered spoilt kids or thoughtless adults.

  39. Since the day when we took over and started to get active, there were two break-ins. One at Block B and the other is at Block A, 5th floor. There were no arrests made.
    Certain measures were taken to tighten the security. All drop-ins and pick-ups must wait at the parking area from 11.00 am to 5 in the evening. Hourly checking is already been carried out.

  40. dear owners,

    the guy who jumped down from from is considered as a suicide case. there was no foul play involved. he was a bachelor renting a room from a childless couple who are owners. For yout info , he just moved into PV10 a couple of days ago. The cause for his suicide could not be established . his family members could not be contacted too as he removed all clues pertaining to his identity.

  41. JMBPV10,

    what was transpired in yesterday’s meeting with security team? Any of the anti-theft proposals by our commentators being adopted to eradicate the crime?Yr initiative to update us without being asked for is highly appreciated.

    It’s high time to appoint a member to handle publicity portfolio to serve the residents better with efficient and
    real time update and reply on issues of their great concern. Plis consider it seriously.

  42. JMBPV10,
    1) I have suggested to increase the nos of guard for station and patrol at every block as a short term measure to deter break-ins.
    2) Quotations for intercom to each unit?
    3) Quotations for CCTV installation

    Any response?

  43. JMBPV10,

    mgt must schedule out their employees to work 6 days week to accommodate our need. It’s alright with us if skeleton staff work on Sat. If they plan to work on selective Saturdays of a month, they must work on the 1st and 2nd ones as :
    1. residents will hv received their preceding month salary b4 7th of the following month based on labour ordinance.
    2. payment dateline is 14th of every month for all the invoices. Residents are given comfortable time tolerance to make good their payment if they miss the first Sat due to unforseen circumstances.

    Unfair to force resident to make payment much earlier than the invoice dateline for payment. Plis review and notify all once it’s finalised.

  44. To all residents and jmbpv10 mgmt,

    I’m new here but not new to the break-in news. My suggestions to improve the security would be as follow:

    1. first thing first, i think the management has the responsibility to filter all the future tenants that are about to rent any unit in pv10. Make owners ,who are prepared to rent their units out, report to the management, have a clear instructions to the real estate agents that ambiguous tenant background will not be allowed to rent any unit from the owners.

    2. how much will it cost to install cctvs in each and every entry-exit staircase of every floor? Will it reflect in our maintenance bill in the future? If yes, how significant will the figure be?

    3. Please at least have all the security guards standing sentry strictly at the lobby entrance at ground level. Sometimes I just saw guards sitting on the chair while watching a big group of unfamiliar faces entering the block, which this really worries me…

    4. to all residents, please do not let anyone who’s tapping on the glass to ask for your favour to let them in by tapping your access card while you’re inside. If any owner forgot to bring his or her access card from work or elsewhere, call your family members to come down to pick you up. This could be cumbersome, but at least it’s another step to prevent further strangers intrusion to any of the block. And this is also an extra help to all the guards who have already had heavy duties every day to ensure our premises a safe place to live.

    another owner of block b

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