More on the recent break-ins

We visited the owners whose houses had been broken into. We noticed that they used only one lock although two locks can be used to make it more difficult for the burglars to break into. With a clamp and two locks in place, we are very sure it is a strong deterrent to the burglars not to target your unit. This is a measure that any owner can take to make your house more secured.

For long term measure to tighten the security, the JMB is looking into installing proximity readers in the lifts. With this system, every resident needs an access card to go to his/her floor. You just touch the reader with your card, the lift will only stop at the floor where your card has been programmed. You cannot go to other floors. Without a card, the lifts will not run. The staircases on the ground floor will be installed with readers too. We really don’t know what is the cost incurred for this project.

Anyone who is in the home security business is welcomed to advise us or maybe provide us with a quotation.

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  1. Hi ,
    The idea of using proximity readers in the lifts and ground floor is good, as most of the old condominiums been upgrade to such system. This system has been used 15 over years before at Sri Kenny condominiums at Kenny hills bukit tunku until now they are still using such system .Means it works for that building,but for PV10, the fire escape stair at both end is without door ( thats why we have all those uncover corridor exposed to wind and rain, developer save lot of cost for fire door)asuming a person might just follow anyone and get out at any floor, still they could get in. Going out to the lift lobby from staircase, normally they install a exit push button or a card reader and a emergency break glass for exit. Base on current tenants here, i am sure it will be broken one day, unless we link that break glass to the fire alarm system which will trigger at the guard house( if any),then it might work, at least we caught who break that glass panel. Anyway, with lower cost compare to CCTVs on every floor, this system is surely cheaper.

  2. Hi JMBPV10,

    It’s really a good idea to do so, cos it will eventually help reduce the theft incidents. Plus even if the burglar manages to steal something, he’ll have difficulty escaping… If it’s done by insider, say he lives at 5th floor and breaks into a unit it 7th floor, the only exit is thru staircase at both the ends of the block. Hopefully by then the security guard is able to spot them.

    I have a friend in security line. He said the cost of installing it shouldn’t be very high as this system is very common now. I asked him to try to submit quotation, he said the profit margin is not that high to install just one feature like this, so he’s not interested. Perhaps you can use back the security company that intalls our existing access control with cheaper fee, due to our management’s patronage….and at the same time, if anything happens, we can ask them to service and maintain the security features….since, i think it should come in one package… and sometimes free 🙂

  3. Dear All,
    The staircases at the end of the building are meant for fire safety as per building by-laws and should not be locked. Installing proximity readers in the lifts is a good move for hotels for better security. JMB is proposing a program to know your neighbours and is now proposing this. Is it not contradicting?

    Bear in mind that if you can’t take the lift, you can take the stairs unless the stairs are locked from the lobby. I understand the concern of JMB and owners but don’t just propose just for the sake of proposing. It has to be workable, practical and hollistic.

  4. Ok if the staircase at the end of the building should not be locked,then please install a camera at every floor.Actually I did stay at a apartment at Shah Alam,the apartment emergency exist can only access to the lobby of the apartment.I think this is a very good idea.If really fire happen in the apartment,we are still able to use the emergency staircase to go to the lobby as well..This is not for the sake of proposing.The recent break-ins in our apartment really make us pissed off ,frustrated,unsecured and worried. I hope that the committee can take the necessary action as soon as possible to help to prevent the incident happen again.

  5. dear owners,

    all the doors at the staircase at level 1 and 2 are supposed to be locked. In the event of a fire, residents must exit from the doors at the ground floor.

    Many high end condos have readers in the lifts and they work. You may be able to control the number of tenants and it is so much cheaper than having CCTV on every floor. We do not need to replace the existing access cards. As for CCTV, do you have any idea how many cameras do we need for every floor? At least five for your info and multiply by 22 floors and you need about 100 cameras for each block. Each low light coloured camera cost about RM 600.00. What about the cables, DVR and others. Each 24 channel DVR cost about RM 16,000. How many DVR do we need for 100 cameras? Do you have any idea what sort of monitor do we need to accomodate all those frames? You work it out. The total cost is just prohibitive and I’ve not mentioned the extra manpower you need to monitor and maintain the CCTV.

    We don’t just propose for the sake of proposing. This is the proposal coming out from professionals who have been dealing with security in the high end condos. he studied our place and he came out with this proposal. Anyway, we will definitely study the proposal in depth before it can be implemented. Owners’ views wil be our first consideration.

  6. Dear All,
    1. Other high end condos don’t have students staying. We have more than 1,000 (Cosmo & UTAR) staying here. Instead of waiting for residents to access the entrance, they will now wait for residents for the lift cards. Also just imagine the frequent change of the cards for every semester.

    2. I notice a lot of workers assembled at the ground floor ramp every morning @ 8am. I was told that they would pick their tools & materials to their workplace outside the condo. Is our place a storage area for the developer and contractors.

    3. I also notice that works is being carried out to replace the paving blocks to concrete. I was also told that this is due to water log that seeps into the wiring for the card reader. Who pays for the canopy and this works? JMB or developer? Our condo is still under Defect & Liability Period which normally is 18 months from handing over or issuance of Certificate of Practical Completion (CPC). The system is not the fault of ours and the developer/supplier should be blamed for shortchanging the buyers. What if this still persists and how do you maintain it? Demolish the concrete floor?

  7. Hi all,
    The proposal for installing proximity reader at lifts and staircase exit door somehow is the best solution so far.
    Fire escape door should have the emergency breakglass button to open the door for fire escape purpose.No problem at all for exit when there is a fire.
    We can still use the door with the card access.
    And i am sure the current door are using the essential power supply from the building for the EM lock(magnectic lock), incase there is power down.

    For everyone’s info;
    I found that some of the Owner illegally renovate their unit by hacking off some of the structure wall. I found this from one of the photo i found in the web under PV10. The brainless designer/contractor don’t know
    that our wall is part of the building support structure?
    Hope any new owner who renovate their units to follow the rules.

  8. Dear chevycamaro75,

    Could you provide us with the link to the photo, kindly copy & paste to this comment column.


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