Get to know your Neighbours

Get to know Your Neighbours

Dear Owners,

We urge that you get to know your neighbours in your level. The purpose of this program is to protect our common interests (PV 10). We also want to have fun whilst we are together and live in harmony here.

By developing understanding, frindship, goodwill and harmony amongst the different races in our level, we hope to recreate the “Old Kampung” concept in Urban Living.

For a start you can use the layout for your quick references.

click at the image below to enlarge

Block A

Block B


Block C

Block D

Whenever you’re in your unit,

  1. Grab a pen,
  2. Say hai and
  3. Have a chat with your neighbours,

its never too late to do so, when you recognize everyone in your level, you will feel much more secured.

Any suspicious activities can be reported to the Guard House or PVD Property Management Office at the number 03-40241488.

This is a voluntary exercise not intended to force any of PV 10 owners who reserves their privacy.

Ideas were developed by remarks and suggestion from this blog and the thriving of such program in other areas.

SJ Alert

N Watch

USJ 23

Logo used with the consent of Mr Robert Chan, committee members of USJ 23



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