Moving In New Cleaning Company

Dear Owners,

As per our post on April 13, 2009. (click here to see previous post)

The appointed cleaning company is moving in their tools and equipments by 5pm April 30, 2009.

Tenaga Bersih Sdn Bhd.

TBSB is locally owned and operated with affiliation to the British Institute of Cleaning Science, UK (BICSc) and Cleaning Management Institute, USA (CMI), the organizations that set standards and provide up-to-date information to the janitorial industry.

They will start commencing their work by tomorrow May 1, 2009.

We hope to see further improvement to PV 10.

2 Responses

  1. JMBPV10,

    If the new cleaning company is only mopping the floor on each level then they are no different with the previous. They will just wet the floor and went off. Since they have the scrubbing machine, i demand that they use it on each block each level!

    Please set a new guideline for them and monitor their performance. I don’t give a damn about their reputation elsewhere. Can’t just sit and hope for their best. It won’t come unless we push for it.

  2. dear danny,

    they have not started using the machine at the corridor. they are clening up the area around the shop lot at the moment. we are actually monitoring them closely. if they cannot perform, they have to go too.

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