Car Park Lot for Rent

Dear Owners

There are limited car parking lots available for RENT. Anyone who is interested please call the PVDPMSB office at 03-40241488.

Thank You


10 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know how to make complaint if I found out someone park their car at the condo parking lot without car sticker or visitor letter?

    This is not the first time, it happen one month ago!

    I wonder how come the security guards will allow those car without car sticker park inside condo area for free. It is not fair for those who rent the car parking lot from management.

    Kindly advise or else pls take necessary action.


  2. pv10g,

    Why not give a call to the management office at 03-40241488. Give proper details on your complaint like plat no. and lot no. It’s better if you can file a written complaint at the management.

    We need eyes and ears in good residents like you to rid out unwanted problems in our compound.

  3. oic, thanks for your reply. I know what should do.
    Thank you.

  4. pv10g,

    Please save the phone no. of 03-40241488. On management working days, it connects directly to the office. After working hours, the line will connect directly to the guardhouse. Any problem just call the line. If they fail to react properly, take it to the JMB.

    So far the management has been quite effective for me so i don’t think you will have problem with them.

  5. pv10g,

    Thank you for your information, don’t hesitate to lodge a report via telephone call, will help to improve our living in PV 10.

    Thank you for sharing the information. With a resident like you will make PV 10 a better place in future.

  6. JMBPV10,

    don’t take an easy way out by showering commentators with appreciative thks which is poisonous in excess and leave out the essence of the hilites, i.e :
    I wonder how come the security guards will allow those car without car sticker park inside condo area for free. It is not fair for those who rent the car parking lot from management.

    Kindly advise or else pls take necessary action.
    We prefer u save yr thks for yourself and address the core issue with due diligent. Be advised not to take advantage of the amnesia and short memory endemic of Malaysian in general and residents in particular by diverting their attention and hv the book closed on the pertinent issue.

  7. I think some cars without sticker and vistor pass may be due to the house owner exchange car. As long as they parked their car at their own designated parking lot, Issue doent arise. This is happen to me before when my car (with sticker) was sent to workshop for a week and i used another car. I think owner should register / inform security if they exchange car. At least this will give security certain info about the status of the car parking inside condo.

  8. JMBPV10,

    I feel very very disappointed to the management office and security guard of pv10.

    It is because I gave the detail such as car plat no. car lot no. and the color of that car to the management office but until now that car still park at the same place WITHOUT car sticker, and I am sure that the car lots is unrented/empty.

    It is very very unfair for those who paid RM1400 to rent the car parking lots like me.

    Hope that JMBPV10 can take necessary action.

  9. Dear pv10g

    Kindly email the details
    and cc

    Thank You

  10. Dear pv10g,

    It took the management 1 month to print my car plate number to my parking lot. It also took them almost 5 weeks to refund a deposit paid. I’m not so surprise that your complaint is not attended yet.

    Dear jmbpv10,

    The new rule on parking procedures imposed on 15 March is not being monitored closely by the management or the security guards. These are my observations noted for your information:

    1. Everytime I drive my car in, there were nobody to check whether I have sticker on my windscreen or not.
    2. Sometimes, the entrance bar was left up all the time and any car can go in without being monitored by the guards.
    3. A lot of cars with no stickers parking at empty parking bays. If you do a check at night, I guarantee you can spot more than 10 cars easily without any stickers or with stickers that don’t match the parking lot number.

    This is the response from our Chairman on the new rules posted in the blog on 4 March 2009.

    “Dear owners,
    there is no two way about it. you have one parking lot, you are given only one access card and one sticker. there is no such thing as you have one parking lot and you want to bring in your second car. Where are you going to park? We have given strict instruction to the security that even if you have a valid sticker but without an access card, you cannot come in because you must have used your card to bring in another car. Right? The complaints will never end if we are not strict in our enforcement. The problem started from day one when the previous security company allowed all these cars to come in knowing that there are many vacant parking lots. The previous company was not looking after the security of our place . Instead they were busy pressing the buttons. I was annoyed when I saw their hands were always at the button and ready to press.”

    New rules, new security company, new strict measures, etc. Everything is new, but the results are still the old same problems. Sigh…

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