Supervisor of Cleaning Company

Dear Owners,


below is the picture of Supervisor of newly appointed Cleaning Company.

click at the image to enlarge


Picture of JMC spot-check at their Store Room.

Time 21:30

Date May 7, 2009.

click at the image to enlarge

Thank You

4 Responses

  1. JMBPV10,

    I just stepped out of a lift in Block A badly stained from what i believed is coffee. So we’re gonna have a lift full of mess by the morning. There will be coffee stained shoeprints everywhere.

    I had previously proposed that a standby cleaner be stationed in our condo through the night. During the dinner time, there will be hives of activities where people will buy their dinner elsewhere and bring home. Spilt foods and drinks in the lift sometimes are unavoidable.

    The residents definitely won’t want to be greeted by rotten foods and badly stained lift floor during the morning while going off to work.

  2. hai danny,

    we have two cleaners on standby from 5.00 pm to 10 p.m. the cleaners must have missed or they were not informed.

  3. JMBPV10,

    You previously told me that all the cleaners will leave at 7pm. That was during the previous cleaner company time. Didn’t know there was a change. Should have it announced.

  4. dear owners,
    we shall get the management to come out with the notice.

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