Emergency Staircase Level 3

On our last visit on April 26, we found that the emergency door at the staircase of Level 3 was being vandalism. The reason? easy access using the side staircase to Car Park level 2.

vandalisme 2

Therefore for long-term measure we have install a steel plate to avoid of such nuisance.

Below is the picture of follow up visit on May 9.


2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    My friends’ house is at level 10. One day i followed him to the pool. Suprisingly he push the lift button to level 3. I wonder why? Then he said that he had no magnetic pass to exit from the lobby. It will be quit some time to wait for anyone to enter or exit from the lobby. He showed me the easier way to exit from the block without magnetic card and further more without pass through the guard.

    I hope something can be arrange to settle this problem. We certainly cannot lock this side staircase because emergency may occur but at the same time this happened to be missused.

  2. Dear Qutdudeen

    We’re in the stage of reviewing quotation for CCTV and Access Card Reader. Supplier is generating the requirement set by us. Once we have all the information and documents, we will call for a meeting with residents.

    Findings and result will be made public to all residents.

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