Quotations for CCTV and proximity readers

We have received two quotations for the installation of 8 extra proximity readers and 8 extra CCTV at both sides of the staircase from Eita Power. Eita Power is the existing company maintaining our CCTV and access card security system. They are also the installer of the autogate system. We have no choice but to work with Eita Power because we cannot have two different contractors maintaining the same system as this may give rise to many disputes.

  1. The total cost to install 8 extra CCTV is almost 30 K.
  2. The proximity readers is about 28K.

We have not received the quotation for the proximity readers to be  installed in the lifts. The cost will  definitely be higher.

 The residents can rest assured that before we make a decision, we shall seek

the consent of the owners in a meeting as the cost incurred is simply too high.

In the meantime, we had given instruction to the management to see that all the doors below level 3 are fully secured.

We are also reviewing the appointment of the present security company. We may try to source some Nepal guards who are more dedicated to their work.


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  1. JMBPV10,

    Desa Putra Condo is using Gurkha security guards. You might want to contact their JMC for some info.

  2. Dear danny,

    we are getting some nepal guards effective 31st May. the services of the present company has been terminated but the chiefs will be seconded to the new company. Hopefully to see some improvement in security services.

    with regards to your info above, you may provide us with the contact no, attn to our new secretary.

    the new company appointed is the company looking after the security of Prima Setapak Condo. They use all Nepal guards. They were previously appointed by UOA Sdn Bhd, the developer of Prima Setapak Condo. Plaza Prima and Prima Setapak 2

  3. Dear JMMPV10,

    What is the name of the new company and what is the cost? What gurantees that they give to ensure that there would be no more break-ins? How many guards do they deploy? Would appreciate if you could brief us the details.

    2. Technology have evolved very fast and there should not be a problem to interface the present system with other system. If this cannot be done then you should know the quality of EITA products. At present EITA products is giving us headache with the quality of their products. Then why should we still use their systems. Hmmm

  4. JMBPV10,

    All details of their JMC is here

  5. dear owners,

    the cost for the nepal guards is 4.50 per hour. the present card access security system is supplied by Borch which is an established brand. the CCTV is of Sanyo brand.

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