JMC Meeting with New Warden KLMU

Dear Owners,

On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:30pm. We had an Orientation session with Puan Normah the new Warden for KLMU (formely known as Cosmopoint).

Amongst the issues raise:

  1. Info: KLMU students is occupying 66 units to date from previous 70 units.
  2. They have establish their own Disciplinary Committees to handle any disciplinary problems occurred amongst themselves. Their committees contact number is in the reach of Management Office, JMC and Security Guards.
  3. Currently all the units being occupied by students from Nursing School where 80% of them is female students.
  4. We have remind her that all students must wear their Student Pass as they enter PV 10.
  5. She will monitor and ensure all the students adhere to the rules agreed.
  • No KLMU students allowed to use swimming pool.
  • No KLMU students allowed to use the GYM.
  • No KLMU students at the playground and nearby area after 10 pm.

She is going around to check the unit after 10pm to ensure no KLMU students making noise and shouting that may disturb others. She will act on the based on case to case basis.

But she also raised her grievances that

Some of the units in her care, the owners never gave them access card which is unacceptable behavior. We’re not sure why those owners never gave any access card to the unit that they rent out to KLMU. These owners are making good money by renting out their unit but give others like us(residents) a headache as Students tend to wait at the Lift Lobby for them to go through following those with access card.

When we bring in the new Guards(Nepal), we are strictly going to impose the Rules that permit only with Residents Pass and Access Card to enter Lift Lobby. Pity the students but we have no choices as we can’t risk the security measures at PV 10. Therefore we urged her to update her records and sort out with the Management Office the units without access card.

Puan Normah can be reachable at mobile number 019-6815580. (number publish with the consent of the said-person). She is based here at PV 10 and stay at Block B. Her number will be made available at all Notice Board.

Thank You

2 Responses

  1. Hi All,JMB,

    No comments ,as long the students here behave themself, and don’t be violent, and crazy out of no point.
    There is a big empty land beside PV10, if they think they want to scream to release their pressure in the midnight, please go ahead, i am sure it wont interrupt anyone, but not here in PV10.
    Many thanks.

  2. testing 1,2,3.

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