Installation of Door Closer

Dear Owners,

Further short-term improvements.

For the last few days, we have install “Door Closer” at block A, we do a trial period at Block A since all the Lobby Door is not a hinge type and not suitable for “Door Closer”.

After much discussion on JMC site visit dated May 16th 2009, we have instructed the Management Office to install it at Block B, Block C and D by this week.

It will be installed at one door only as the other door is locked by the latch.

door closer


Thank You


10 Responses

  1. Hi JMBPV10,

    I noticed that the door entrance from level 1 Block A also no door closer has been installed. This cause the door will be bumped directly after we enter the level 1 lift lobby. In long term, I think the door will have shorter term life span after continuously being bumped. Also this bump caused annoyed loud sound. I do hope JMB will look into this matter and install “door closer” there as well or any other better alternative to prevent the door life span being shortened.

    Thanks. Hope we will see this improvement very soon.

  2. Hi JMBPV10,

    This is me again. For the previous msg, still no reply from committee yet. Hope can get feedback from the committee soon. This morning when I was in the lift, I saw there is one owner/tenant brought her cat. I wonder there is a rule for this condo that the pet is not allowed in this condo right? I wonder whether this rule is really strictly implemented or not? I hope that the committee can communicate with the management office to tackle this problem. I believe there are more owners/tenants who just ignore this rule and have their pets inside their house.


  3. Dear Mr Lee Block A,

    On the issues of Door Closer we’ve communicate to management office (PVDPMSB) during our weekly JMC meeting yesterday (May 19) on your complaint. We’re monitoring the matter to be resolved by the maintenance personal and will follow up on Saturday JMC Site Visit.

    Thank You

  4. dear mrleeblo,

    we shall look into your suggestion and get the management to do it.
    thank you.

  5. Hi JMBPV10,

    Any update on the door closer at the Block A lobby entrance at Level 1 after Saturday site visit? Can kindly update us the progress? I saw there is a door closer at the lobby entrance level 1 in Block D, which my fren stays there. So I wonder why there is inconsistancy in all these minor “facilities” in this condo.

    Waiting for your reply.

  6. Hi JMBPV10,

    Also for the pet disallowed in condo issue, any alternatives or solutions to solve this issue? I have lodged this complaint to the management office last Saturday. Hope the committee can look into this matter seriously.

    Furthermore, there is the security guard issue happened in Block A. I saw few times already there were no security guard guarding in front of the G Floor lobby entrance. Then saw few people waiting outside till someone coming out or going into the lobby and they will follow into the condo. I am not sure whether they are residents in that block or not. I really dont hope the break in incident happening again.

    Really disappointed with the security guard performance in this condo even though this is the 2nd security guard company that we have appointed. Even there is security guard outside the condo, they dont even stand there and check whether each person entering the condo has the access card. They just sit there and observing only.

    Hope the committee can look into this matter again. I hope this situation will be improved very soon in short term period.


  7. Dear Mr Lee Block A,

    The screw that control the swing at the door of Level 1 is quit tight, therefore we have instructed the maintenance guy to loosen up a bit as the door wouldn’t bang as loud as previously.

  8. Dear JMBPV10,

    I can notice that the door has been loosen up a bit and it wont bang as loud as previously but why cant we put the door closer there like other blocks have?

    Besides, how is the pet issue progress? any update?

  9. dear owners,

    we do take actions on the comments made. we are continuouly striving to bring improments to PV10. You serve as our eyes and ears.

  10. Thanks for posting. Condo dwellers may have issues with lift etiquette and maintenance. See the videos I posted. Shaun Kwong – Home Lifts [Alternative Elevator Co]

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