Swimming Pools Closed

Dear Residents,

Please be informed that swimming pool, wading pool and spa pool will be closed on 20th May (Wednesday) and 21st May 2009 (Thursday) for maintenance.


Any inconveniences cause is regretted.

Thank You


10 Responses

  1. Hi…Firstly, tq & congratulations to JMB for your efforts & willingness to manage our condo.
    I have a few issues that i want to share here:

    1) i agreed with mrleebloka regarding pets matters. due to my observation, there are residents who still brought in their pets (cats & dogs especially). In fact in the lift together with other people. Please respect the rules that all of us agreed while signing the aggreement.

    2) KLMU students plays in the playground . Complaint have been made several times but the security anly observed the swimming pool area but not the playground. When my husband talk to the security then he will take the action, otherwise, he just sit & ignore. Being in the area, no problem, but not use the facilities.

    3) Some of the residents (or sometimes students…how they can use the swimming pool??) did not wear proper attire in the pool. I understand the problem faced by the security coz some of the residents did not follow the rules but i believe there must be a mechanism to overcome this problem. it’s unfair to other user.


  2. Hi mdmblockc,

    Ya..I am quite agree to remind these residents that no pets ( cats & dogs ) allowed in condominiums. I am not against these animal , but to be fair everyone must follow the rules. Suggest that we proposed sign of not pets allowed at lift lobby entrance next the no smoking sign , but there are some tenants is still smoking inside the lift.
    About the swimming pool, i never swim at the pool before since i moved in last year July. My unit is facing the pool, everytime i see ppl are not wearing proper attire to swim there. There i can still see ppl wearing tudung , shorts, to swim in the pool altough proper attire has been introduce, adviced given , so what?
    sharing pool is always like this everywhere, so get used to it or dont swim at all, like what i do.

  3. Hi chevy,

    I have on several times saw guards reasoning with some idiots who are swimming without their proper attires but they just keep their ignorance level up. The guard got fed up and left. So i think this is why the guard will not do much if someone prefers to ignore the attire rules.

    One day i did call up the management when there were like a bunch of 6 guys without their swimming attires terrorising the pool. To my surprise the guards swung into action as soon as my call ended. It took about 3 guards to arrive at the pool before the guys would come out of the pool.

    As for the pets issue, if you do notice, there are already cats running around in our compound. Someone owns them for sure. I hope the JMC will look into this issue before the cats starts breeding and causing stray cats problem in PV10.

    Same like you, chevy, i have never been to the pool since i moved in last September. But i do hope all the house rules are being observed and kept in checked before the condo turns into a mini zoo and public park.

  4. JMBPV10,

    Please take note that there is currently a nasi lemak stall operating every morning beside the Hindu temple opposite the guard house. If they are allowed to operate at the pavement, it would be very unfair to the restaurants in PV10 who are paying thousands in rental. One stall will become two or three in no time then comes the tables and chairs. By then the business for restaurants in PV10 is as good as over. Please protect them.

  5. Hi Dannynsh, I just want to reply to your respond with regard to one makcik stall infront of this condo.

    First, this makcik stall only operate early in the morning till 12 the latest. Second, her nasi lemak is not as good as the one inside PV10. Third, she only offer nasi lemak and a few kueh etc…etc…

    But to say that her few hours stall will make it difficult for the restaurant inside PV 10 to survive is quite unfair for me.

    I am not defending her ( and furthermore her nasi lemak, mee (trust me) not that good, tasteless) but this morning stall have been accepted all around KL. They operate in the morning only. One table is enough just to cater her daily spare time and at the same time making small profit. But if they still operate untill noon, start putting chairs and tables, then we must really go against them. Start with complaint to the relevan authority (DBKL).

  6. Dear Qutbudeen,

    yr sympathetic nature will definitely create uncalled for crisis on traffic flow later on. If u understand the real numerical value starts from 1, u will not know what the last number will be. When an illegal business is thriving, many competitors will come in. By then, it will be too late to fix the problem. Better be early than late in nipping the problem in its bud than late than never. We should hv learnt some good lessons by now from the dilemma of other condos over the pertinent issue. Closing one eye at its infancy is amounting to inviting unnecessary troubles. We shall be pro-active in our approach at all times and not embarking fire fighting methodology in tackling potential problem. The stall at pavement issue is just like the haphazard parking of bikes in our premises. If u allow a bike to be parked at non-designated parking bay, the rest will conveniently doing the same.

  7. JMBPV10,

    still seeing bikes being parked at non-designated bay, some of them parked them in front of the lobbies, just beside the guard’s chair . Input received from the guards concerned is that the bike owners insisted to do so and the guards couldn’t do anything to secure compliance. The security is empowered to enforce our in-house rules and regulations but they admitted they are hapless and powerless to do so. The panic button for in-house security is being triggered off! I’m sure we hv many ways of getting the unscrupulous bikers to toe the line. Plis refresh our security on the appropriate ways of handling such indisciplinary act b4 the situation goes hay-wire.

  8. Hi,
    I just want to give a suggestion regarding taxi parking area (entrance area). I believe that many of us enter/exit using a road infront of the temple (right hand side from post guard). Is’it possible if the management switch the taxi parking area with the motocycle parking area (left hand side) because there are a lot of cars parking along the roadside + the taxis. It’s quite danger & effected the traffic flow especially in the morning. tq

  9. Hi raymand 57,

    I have nothing against you. My sympathetic nature will definitely create uncalled for crisis on traffic flow later on, that phrase might be true. Frankly speaking i also agree with most of the thing you commented in this blog. May be you get me wrong when i said something or seems defending the stall infront of this condo.

    No, i myself agree that no one must be given rights to open any illegal stall infront of our condo or any area around it. All that i wanted to comment was whether or not the stall can compete with the restaurant inside condo (see comment by Dannynsh).

    Enough with that, now look whether or not we have right over the pathway? Can you tomorrow morning ask this mak cik to move away from this pavement. The right authority is the Bandaraya. But the problem is that in the morning, the Bandaraya normally dont take this as a serious issue. I say that because if you walk along Jln Raja, near LRT Masjid Jamek KL, a few hundred metre from Bandaraya building in the morning, you will see that more than 10 illegal pushcard in that area itself. In that area alone, not including jln Pinang near KLCC, Jln P Ramlee etc. there are so many of them.Correct me if this is why KL always jam in the morning. So how do we deal with this?

    The theory of demand and supply applies here. So long there is needs by the people (or pupil esp), the stall will be there. Alternatively stop buying there and the makcik will be gone together her stall.

    Tq for yr remark, how ever i’ll always support you and yr idea enhancing this condo. I 100% agree that this makcik stall must be remove.

  10. Dear owners,

    We have no authority to take action against the mak cik who is trying to make an honest living. However, we have taken action to inform the enforcement unit of DBKL over the matter.

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