Dear Owners,

We will start circulating Highrise Registeration Form at

  1. Notice Board
  2. Post Box
  3. Management Office

Kindly fill up the form and return it to Management Office during Office Hour


Return the form at

JMB Letter Box at JMB Office or

JMB Letter Box at Block A.

But why i need to fill up the form?

We need residents to furnish us with the email address and your consent too.

After that

HIGHRISE will generate the password for your login which will be distributed to you by the Management Office. You can change your password after the first login.


You can download the form (click here to download)

PV 10 Highrise

Below are the

Terms and Conditions

What is PV 10 HIGHRISE?

It is a pivate web collaboration tool which will be used only by the residents of PV 10. This is a collaborative effort between HIGHRISE & The Joint Management Committes of PV 10 to provide better management & maintenance of the PV 10 building.

HIGHRISE Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The personal information we ask you to provide will be used in the HIGHRISE domain only. The primary use of your details is to setup your account for PV 10 HIGHRISE only. Only your name will be revealed to other residents.

Your contact details provided will be only used for any matters pertaining to your HIGHRISE account. This information will not be disclosed to any third-parties not involved in the deployment & maintenance of your residential comunity’s HIGHRISE website.

All your personal information provided to HIGRISE is strictly private & confidential.

PV 10 will be accessible via,


(made available after you have completed the registeration form)

For further enquiries, please contact your JMC or Management Office at 03-40241488

Screenshot 1

pv10 a


Screnshot 2

pv 10 b

Download the Form- A4 Size
Windows OS
(right click the image below)
(drag to desktop)

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