Termination of the existing security company.

The JMC had decided to terminate the services of the present security company due to unsatisfactory services.

They do not seem to be able to engage guards who are capable enforcing our basic house rules.

Most of the local guards engaged do not have the right attitude and motivation to work for the simple reason that their pay is low.

The new company that will be taking over effective 31st May 2009 is Z-Force Sdn Bhd. We have requested from the company to provide Nepal guards and the rate is  RM 4.50 per hour. We shall have 9 guards for the day and 9 for night.

Mr Sina will be retained as our  in-house security chief. Mr Sina is an ex-police officer.

The main reason why we use Nepal guards is that they are

  • loyal,
  • obedient and
  • do not go missing in action.

Initially, we may have a little communication problem with them but these people learn fast and they take instructions without any questions asked.

These Nepal guards are not gurkhas ( Ex- British soldiers ) or ex-armies ( ex-Nepal armies ). These guards are very expensive costing about Rm7.00 per hour which is beyond our budget.

We shall have a good mixture of good local and Nepal guards.

This is one thing good about having JMB. We are in the position to make changes when we feel that things are not right. If the newly appointed security company cannot perform up to our expectation, we shall terminate them too.

Good night and have a nice day.

11 Responses

  1. I think the new security service not even better than last time. There are some friendly security guards, please keep them as long as possible. One more thing, where is our security guards going at night time? no more infront of the block entrance door. please be consider.

  2. Hi,

    I feel pitty on the guards himself (the friendly and good one). Today they are not guarding the condo but also act as a gate opener. This is due to the problem with our gate & access card reader. Something must be done to repair this. Most of the time they have to push the button to open the gate for me and the others. If this problem continue how they are going to have throughly guarding the condo.

  3. Dear owners,
    we are trying to retain the good ones. they have been given better offer under the new company. It is their prerogative whether to accept the offer or not.
    We are constantly on the ground to monitor the guards.

  4. Dear owner,

    We don’t quite understand what you are trying to say. I guessed you were saying that the previous company is better than the present company.
    We don’t simply terminate any company without any valid reasons. we carried out a proper study. We monitor them, have meeting with them before the JMC arrives at a decision.

  5. Hi jmbpv10,

    If you are refering yr msg to me than i really must have mislead you. All that i want to convey is the problem with regard to our front gate and the access card system. About the termination of this security co, I support you because this is one of the way for them to be answerable with regards to the in house burglary.

  6. Dear all/jmb,
    which ever company that is chosen, rules need to be adhered to strictly:

    1) No car/bike sticker – do not allow them in. This is the first and most basic rule.
    2) No access card – this is the problem area. Noticed many students/residents/visitors/contractor will just wait for someone to open the door. The guard either just look on or not there. This is the BIGGEST loophole.
    3) Security on rounds – the security firm needs to ensure that their personal do ‘security on rounds’ at each floor WITH a replacement at the lift lobby.

    If the we can implement these 3 points, half battle is won and we will feel safe. Please Point 2 is important.

  7. I dont believe the management has allowed the surau committee to use speakers in a CLOSED ENVIRONMENT.

    Please open our eyes and ears. No government/private buildings, Banks, Universities, offices, factories which is within a closed areas allowed speakers to be used in suraus!

    Unless it is a stand alone surau building.

    The non muslims, I believe do not want this ‘facility’ for paying monthly fees to the management. Just next door, there is a stand alone surau which uses speakers. You can pray at home or pv10 surau quietly or go to the next door surau for open environment.

    This is not racial issue but understanding for better living in a closed environment. Well, if you want to make it a racial issue and complaint to the authorities, go ahead.

  8. dear jmb,
    this is just my thought,
    too many times change security or cleaner may leads us to other problem. eg: too many outsider will know pv10’s weaknesses, flaws, etc.

  9. dear owners,

    the new company will start work officially on the 31st may 2009. On Friday and Saturday, you would seen some Nepal guards on duty due to the fact that the existing company is not able to supply sufficiaent number of guards to PV10.
    When the new com takes over, every lift lobby will be stationed with a guard. It will not be left unattended.

  10. Dear Mr Amar Singh (Block B 19)
    I would only touch on matter with regard to the “speaker” issue and not your sentiments.

    For your kind attention, the speaker was given as “donation” from the concerned owners of PV 10, thus it will exclude yourself per se, as can be seen through your writing. In reality, majority of the fixtures and other equipments in the Surau came through the means of donation. As it is known as donation, it will be on voluntarily basis, no direct and/or indirect support from the Management’s resident fund. The Surau is managing separately from the JMB; it has its own committee members. This too out of the involuntary and/or inaction of certain quarters whose has yet to be readily available to be appointed as the JMB Committee.

    When something is given out from the pure heart, whatever it is, no one can simply claim it is his or her except the person who is entrusted to manage the things. As such, no force can be used in order to remove anything and/or everything from the Surau except with prior approval from the person who is entrusted to manage it.

    For your assurance, the volume used is at an acceptable rate, acceptable in term that it is only can go up to the 3rd Floor. Accordingly, judging from the number of complaint received, no complaint has yet to derive from the residents of the 3rd Floor and below, strange to accept that the 19th Floor’s resident heard the loud volume coming from the “closed environment Surau”.

    Unfortunately, the loud decibels that have caught your ears are from the Surau, as clearly mentioned by your goodself, which is located as a stand alone Surau, outside the “closed environment” where, for your information, the JMC has no jurisdiction whatsoever to tear down or even to remove the dust from the loud speaker.

    Let get all the facts right

  11. السلام عليكم
    Selamat Sejahtera,

    Untuk makluman semua, Surau PV 10, diusahakan secara sukarela, segala Majlis dan peralatan yang ada di dalam Surau adalah dari sumbangan ikhlas belaka.

    Anda boleh hubungi AJK Surau bagi mendapatkan kepastian.

    Bagi membetulkan sedikit fakta seperti yang dinyatakan diatas
    Surau PV 10 terletak dalam kawasan kediaman penduduk

    bukannya “government/private buildings, Banks, Universities, offices, factories”.

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