Accounts for owners’ viewing at our website.

Dear owners,

We have made things so much  easier for the residents of PV10 to get information from the management or  JMBPV10.  You don’t have to run to the office to get certain forms. All the forms are made available for download. (click here to see all download form)

We have   promised  the owners that we will try to be as transparent as possible. We understand that your main concern is the account. There is no news on what happens to our audited accounts until now. Well, the audited accounts for 2008 has been completed and it is in our hands now. We have also successfully taken over the account from the developer. The surplus fund has been transferred into our account. For your info, the company appointed to audit the account  was appointed by us so there will  be no fear of  the developer creating an item for accounting purposes.

Owners can rest assured  that these accounts are not P & C documents. They will be made available for owners’ viewing through our website soon. There are two sets of account. One is the audited account and the other is the report on the transfer of fund account.

In the future, with the integration of PV 10 Highrise

You can download the form (click here to download)

PV 10 Highrise

the monthly receipts and payments statement will be made for owners’ viewing too.


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