Quotation of Lift Card Access

Dear Owners,

Commencing from feedbacks from blog, facebook and those owners who see us personally, we are publishing the Quotation from EITA, the supplier for our Lift on installation of Access Card at the Lift. We’re still under liability period from EITA.

Sample Lift Card Access

For all owners perusal, below is the said Quotation from EITA

EITA quotation of Lift Card Access System

Allow residents to go through only to their respective floor.

But the above proposal are yet to finalized as we’re waiting for more Quotation on CCTV installation and Card Access Reader at emergency staircase.

Thank You


10 Responses

  1. dear jmc,
    could u pls settle our lift problem 1st before spending a few thousand on something else and yet the lift will still be lousy or lousier. I know this is for security but other important thing must be taken into consideration too.
    lately we at block d have problem with our lift, several times the lift not stopping on our floor, after miss 2 round than finally we manage to get the lift.
    the scenario will be worsen when cleaner taking out rubbish, i suggest the lift need to have out of service button or attended button so that the other lift will attend to us if u understand what i’m trying to say.

  2. Dear JMBPV10,

    Block A also has the same problem as what zaza has mentioned. The service is a bit “dumb” and didnt react well accordingly. Sometimes, I need to wait more than 5 mins even though Block A has 3 lifts. Sometimes, I saw the lift stopped at one level lower than my level. When I pressed the button, it didnt go up to my floor but instead going down. This made me a bit frustrated about this lousy lift service.

    I know it is impossible to change the whole lift, but pls JMBPV10 to lodge complaint to the lift contractor to find a way to improve their lift. Also, we should issue this problem to the developer as well as in future development, they will consider this issue happened in current condo that they have developed.

    Thanks. Looking forward to get satisfactory reply.

  3. Dear JMBPV10, i think there is something wrong with the lifts at Block D. Today when i take the lift to level 1 & when it reached the 1st floor I heard a small explosions sound. I’m not sure what causes that sound but its very loud. Then, later when I come back to use the lift I had waited more than 5 mins. The lift just skipped level 1 for 3 times. This is crazy & I ended going up to 2nd floor to take the lift. Pls ask EITA engineer to check & make sure the lifts are fine. Also, ask those cleaners not to hold the lifts door by using dustbin so that they don’t have to press the button on the lift. I saw they doing it this morning by holding the door & I was waiting outside the lift for them to finish what they were doing. This is really inconvinience to residents who are going to work every morning.

  4. Dear owners,

    Due to the cost factor, the developer will continue to use Eita Lift which is hardly intelligent when you compare to Mitsubishi or Hitachi lifts. As I have said before we have to live with Eita Lifts unless we have the fund to replace all the lifts.
    We had a meeting with their lift engineer . During the meeting, we had highlighted all the problems faced by the owners to him. Certain thing like the speed cannot be adjusted. He will try to iron out all the problems.

  5. Dear JMBPV10,
    Who’s cost factor, the developer or us. It is not a fault of ours that the developer is using EITA lifts. This is amounting to misleading the buyers. The developer can choose to use better lifts if they want to but instead choose this brand which I assume that they have some parts to it and all PV Developments uses Eita lifts.

    This is the cheapest in the market and this is amounting to shortchanging the buyers to maximise their profits. Bear in mind that Defect & Liability Period will end in 4 months time and JMB/Owners will inherit this problem. As I have suggested in my earlier posting regarding the same to ask the Developer to renegotiate maintenance terms to a longer period. Reason being PV is the largest client unless they……….

    My other suggestion is the owners form a Resident Association and asked for more concession from the developer for what we are going to inherit and what they are giving us. JMB cannot flex their muscle much because JMB is still at the mercy of PV and PV can choose to pass all maintenance and staff overhead at MO to JMB should JMB become a nuisance.

    Matters that we can take it to the Consumer Tribunal and Commissioner of Bldg is the uncovered carpark at Level 2 while the covered carparks at Level 1 & Grd Floor is still available when we purchase the properties They is a group of owners going around to petition the developer to give a better deal on the carparks and I am all for it.

  6. Bee Dee,

    well said.
    Plis rush into forming the RA asap b4 it’s too late. Listing down the short-changed issues and make the claims en-bloc. JMB is indebted to the developer and they are the related parties in this case. As such, to avoid offending the latter, they will not give a hot pursuit on the above-mentioned short-changed issues which are clearly unfavourable to the residents and owners. We hv to pursue the issues on our own.

  7. dear owners,

    The residents are encouraged to to form R.A. to take up whatever issues they have with the developer but to claim that the JMB is indepted to the developer is baseless allegation. The developer does not intefere with what we are doing here and they have no right to do so. We can spend a RM100 000 from the management fund to link all the car parks but we are also answerable to all those owners who are not affected by the open car parks. Is it fair to use the common fund to benefit a certain group of people. The mangement fund is for all.
    This is the shit left behind by the developer. We are not related to the developer. The developer does not dictate what we do here. We are in total control here. We do not do anything to please the developer.

  8. Dear Owners / Jmb,

    numerous short-changed issues were hilited many moons ago. Did JMB initiate any claim against the developer so far? JMB to enlighten us on the status of any claim they made against the developer thus far just to prove that it’s not all talks and no action or purposely set aside the pertinent issues till the expiry of the defect & liability Period. JMB should rightfully act as a RA b4 the latter being formed and take up the issues voluntarily, just to show that it’s not aligned.

  9. Dear Raymond57,

    First of all, we already mention months ago, that any residents are free to go through all the filling at JMB Office. We had few owners who go through with us on all the letters, minutes of meeting and accounts. We really appreciated the effort. We’re very transparent and nothing to hide.

    Before you do such allegation, bear in mind

    you never approach us,
    never come to see us,
    never been to JMC office
    what you do best is to create allegation & pointing finger.

    Be a gentlemen, identify yourself.

    We’re usually at JMC office on every Saturday.

    You come and see us, then we will show you all the letter written to developer and their reply too.
    Simple as that.

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