The new security company-Z-Force

The  new company has taken over the security services at PV10. The JMC were there to witness the handover. A general briefing was carried out by our chief security Mr Sina.  There are nine guards on duty in the day. The guards who are on duty at the lift lobbies were given another detail briefing by Mr Sina. Hopefully, this company will stay. As we have said, if they cannot perform up to our expectation, they will be terminated too.








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  1. JMBPV10,

    Please take note that the current security is trying to retain IC of visitors for security purpose. I believe this is against the law in Malaysia.

    Also i hope JMB could seriously take into consideration on installing a gate with card reader at the main entrance to deter visitors from walking in and out freely. Changing security company will not help. While we are trying to improve the security much on the inside, one of the biggest problem actually lies at the main entrance.

  2. Hi all,
    I understand there is another break in last week at Block D but under mysterious circumstances.

    I notice that there are new students from TARC moving in and also new tenants especially at my Block A. They seems to be oblivious to the surroundings and making noises unlike the previous batch. How do we control them? Cosmo have a warden if we have any complaints but what about others?

    I suggest that JMB make it compulsory for owners who wish to rent out to register their units for rental so as we can oversee any future problems. We cannot determine or deter them from renting out but we should not be at the mercy of agents who are only interested in making money.

    1. Owners to register unit for rent at Mgmt Office and inform Mgmt Office of new tenants. This will enable MO to monitor access card and others such as car nos on respective parking lot. Troublesome for tenants to inform MO about change of nos and MO can take action immediately.
    2. Tenants to pay for maintenance and not owners. This is to avoid not payment of maintenance fees and ensure cashflow.
    3. JMB to take over Security and make it in house since we have already employ a full time security officer. It maybe troublesome for permit purposes but at least we can control the guards and not at the mercy of Security Co.
    4. Resident passes should have different colours and name such as Student – Cosmo, Student – TARC, Owners, Tenants for easy identification. Different Colours alone is not enough.
    5. Agree with Dannynsh about installing gate with card reader at main entrance. NOT AGREEABLE to install readers in lifts as this will avoid interaction between residents and contradicting with JMB efforts to know your neighbours. RM106,000 is a lot of money and can be used for other purposes. We are not hotels with top notch security
    6. We should be promoting know your neighbours and interacting among us and make living more conducive. Maybe monthly or bi-monthly BBQ session at the swimming pool/green area to promote interaction. It will not cost much but benefits in the long run

  3. Hi all,
    I also noticed that the African do not have access cards and I mean families. How many families rented a unit? They seem to wait at the lobby for other residents with access cards. So please take note of my suggesstions seriously, especially no 1 about owners registering their units for rental. They can use agents to find tenants but at least MO is aware and can take necessary action

  4. Hi beedee06,

    Thanks for the update on the house break in. Can kindly update us the details of the break in and how mysterious did this case happen?

    Hi JMBPV10,

    I wonder why we are not informed of the latest break-in in Block D last week? Even now this break-in news came from residents here. The committee should be able to inform us any latest news on the very first second especially the break-in news or other unfortunate news in order for us to prevent this case from happening.

    Also I fully agreed with the suggestions made by beedee06. Fully agreed with beedee06’s suggestion. It is better for the owner to register their unit at management office if they want to rent out their unit. This will let the mgmt office or the JMBPV10 to keep an eye if there is any unusual behaviour from the tenants who stay there.

    Also last week when I went to gym room for workout, I saw there are quite a number of students using the facilities but I noticed from the guard house they didnt have the resident pass to use it. So they can just simply use the facilities without the pass. At the same time, no guard is stationed at the outside of the gym room to check whether they have the pass or not.

    Therefore, my suggestion is to station one guard at gym room nearby to check those who want to use the gym facilities whether they have the pass or not. The guard house is simply a distance away from the gym room and those students or ppl without pass can simply go into gym room and use it..sometimes, they have occupied all the equipment and thus caused those who have resident pass cannot utilize it.

    Please JMBPV10 consider this problem as well.


  5. Dear JMBPV10,

    So far no response on the problems raised up by me and beedee06 yet. Hope you can give us satisfactory reply on the problems raised.

    Another problem I saw with the new security guard. This evening around 7.20pm, when I back from evening jogging, while I was already inside the Block A lobby entrance waiting for lift, I saw the security guard even used his own access card to automatically helped one malay guy to open the door when that malay guy approached the door. The security guard didnt even ask him whether he is the resident of this Block or not or even check if he has the access card or not.

    I think this new security guard is just “too kind” to help to open the door without been more strict on checking each person who is going into the lift lobby.

    I do hope JMBPV10 will check into this matter. I wonder why the security guard has one access card by now? Meaning they can use it to open to any people that want to go in???

  6. Hi all,

    to retain the security chief is the biggest blunder committed by JMB. The chief failed miserably in managing the former security team and is expecting to continue his shoddy performance with the current team. Just ask ourselves, can u straigthen a post by changing its lower part if its bent upper portion remains untouched? We need a new chief with basic management skills.

  7. Dear JMBPV10,

    I wonder we still not yet receive any reply from you regarding on those matters raised up by us in this topic. We have provided a lot of feedback from beedee06, dannynsh, raymond57 and myself, but still not getting any response from you since 5 days ago.

    Hope can get your prompt feedback as soon as possible regarding on the issues regarding on this security company topic.


  8. Dear all,

    Sorry for the late reply. We’ve new Security Guards in roll for fine tune with all the House Rules practice in PV 10. We will take all the comments and suggestion. We will table it on our next JMC meeting.

  9. Dear JMBPV10,

    May I know when will be the next JMC meeting? I do hope the minutes of the meeting will be posted here for our residents’ view after the meeting is held. We as owner have the right to know what is the result and action point from the meeting.

    So, I do hope the JMBPV10 will take necessary actions to fine tune our security and cleanliness in this condo. The cleanliness is not up to the standard lately. Please consider it seriously.

    Thanks. Waiting for the minutes of meeting to be posted here after the JMC meeting.

  10. JMBPV10,

    I noticed it has been worse since the new security company took over.

    1. What happened to the taxi lane? It is in total disarray now. The cones are everywhere and cars are parked along the taxi lane.

    2. What happened to the barricades opposite the guardhouse? It appears the chain has been dismantled and cars are parked into the barricades.

    3. Security are friendlier as ever holding the door to allow people going in and out without knowing if they have their access cards.

    Mr. Sina should be the one who must upheld the previous regulations to maintain everything in order. Not just execute roll call on daily basis.

    Touching on cleanliness issue, i can’t help but to think that the cleaner only come on alternate days to clean up the aisle on each level. They have so many equipments but are they serious in doing their job? I suspect lacked of monitoring might be the case.

    I can’t help but to think that we should appoint or even hire rightful owners to overlook the security and cleanliness problems in our compound. With them being the concerned party, they can help monitor the situation better with prejudice.

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