Meet with JMC session

Dear Owners,


“yang Berkhidmat Service Centre”

Joint Management Committees  will be available on

Date:    Saturday 13th June 2009.

Venue: JMC Office

Time:   10:00am till 12:00pm

Residents who like to raise grievances, comments and suggestions are most welcomed to see us at the hour mention above for future improvement of PV 10.

Thank You

6 Responses

  1. Dear JMBPV10 & all owners,

    I have one query to ask regarding on the sewerage fee.
    2 weeks ago, I received the letter from Indah Water, requesting me to pay for the sewerage fee for RM48 for the period of past 6 months.

    At first, I thought this sewerage fee is included in our maintenance fee? But why shall we pay this again? Can JMB committee clarify with us or any owner has clearer idea on this?

    Looking forward to hear from your reply and suggestion.

  2. Dear JMBPV10,

    Regarding on this coming up “Meet with JMC” session, may I know where is the office? Is it in the management office?

    Besides, I would like to raise a few issues that I have observed 2 days ago while I did my jogging surrounding the corridor outside our condo.

    1. The cleanliness of the corridor outside our condo is really really dirty! even there are many rubbish and those leftover lunch box or wrapper are seen anywhere along the corridor and the road.

    May I know who is responsible for this? I think some of residents (mostly students I guess) did not practise the cleanliness civic duties that they need to make sure our condo and even outside our condo surrouding should be rubbish free. Also may I know is our cleaners or DBKL responsible to clean up the rubbish around the road and surrounding the corridor outside our condo?

    Hope the JMC can take note of this.

    2. Besides, while I was jogging, I can also notice that there are a few big “steel cover” to cover the holes for the drainage system surrounding along the corridor outside our condo. I am not sure whether it is stolen or the cause of these “covers” disappearing. I noticed that there are only temporarily covered by the lousy plywood on top of it. I think this situation has been there for a while and no action has been taken to replace new “covers”.

    I think this is not a good way and this will cause the danger and risk to the passers-by especially during night time. I do hope the JMC will take this matter seriously to prevent any unfortunate incidents happen soon or later.

    Also waiting the reply on these 2 issues.


  3. Dear Mr Lee Block A,

    JMC office located at Unit 2-0-30 or next to Management Office of PVDPMSB.

  4. Dear JMBPV10,

    Thx for your reply.
    How about other issues that I have raised out in my 2 post up?
    1. Indah Water sewerage fee?
    2. missing Manholes at the surrounding corridor outside our condo?
    3. cleanliness of the road and corridor surrounding outside our condo?

    Any actions to solve these issues?

  5. Dear owners,

    As regards to the sewerage bill, it is just like payments made to any utilities company. The service provider is Indah Water Sdn Bhd and not the management company and it is mandatory for all house owners to pay as stipulated in the Gov Act.
    Indah Water may take legal action if you fail to pay up the sewerage bill.

  6. Dear Owners,

    We’ve upload all the minutes of JMC Meeting to PV 10 HIGHRISE. It is viewable online via PDF file. It is computer generated file without signature. If you wish to see the Minutes of Meeting with the signature, kindly come & see us at JMC office located at 2-0-30.

    If Residents would like to comments kindly log in to

    Thank You

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