Roof Top Car Park


The JMC had written a letter to PVDSB to bear the cost of linking all the car park on 6th March 2009. (Click here to see previous post) We have receive the reply from developer on 23rd March 2009.

Below is the said letters.

“JMC request”

JMB“PVD reply”


Thank You

26 Responses

  1. Its really disappointing to read reply from such “sell fish” developer..
    Simply quote that “Prior to purchase, purchasers had agreed to the parking lots allotted to them…”
    I’ve never agreed to the car parks lots identified to us since the beginning.. and when we asked for other car park.. the PVD’s sales person keep on mentioning that the car park had been identified by the “authority” and we as purchasers cannot choose the car park lots…
    Really frustrated!

  2. Hi all,

    To all frustrated owners pls calm down. As what during my visit to the showroom, the model doesn’t shows the covered carpark at 2nd floor. I do ask the sales person, they reply there will be roof carpark after the CF. Remember, when i move in the devp still haven’t build the roof at 2nd floor, the are just starting to build.
    I am thinking, whether our master plan submission is with or without the covered car park roof?
    Just to clarify does the devp do us a favour or we being pay extra for unnecessary item.

  3. agree to blockdowners,
    we never knew it will be without roof, its not that we choose our own parking lots the sales person choose for us.
    really unfair to us, after 1 years staying, i do regret i buy this condo from platinum victory

  4. i still remember that i’ve asked the sales person when i intended to buy the unit somewhere in Sept / Oct 2005 during the project launched.. They mentioned that we will get covered car park for RM8000. That’s why i agreed.. but when I insist to choose my own car park.. they said it had been identified for each unit.
    When I received the S&P, i noted that my car park was located at second floor.. I request from developer to change to ground floor but they keep on mentioning that the car park already been fixed!!

    Thought that property under PVD was good.. so, I do recommend my friends to buy property in the same project.. Now I feel really guilty and frustrated. Regret!

  5. Hi all,
    No point brooding over split milk. We are all indeed shortchanged and deceived by this cunning Developer. How can the unroofed carpark be equivalent to the roofed carpark at Grd and 1st Flr. I suggest we group together and do the necessary things to get what we paid and deserved. Let us support the petition to get the developer to at least return what is due to us. Feel free to email me and yr contact nos. and I will forward you the contact nos of the promoter of the petition. My email

  6. Dear owners,

    i raised this issue is Feb/Mar this year but nobody seems to be interested . Ref : and also roof top car park issue in the same month, same blog. Plis read carefully the message from our chairman on the developer’s commitment to use car park bay rental collection for roofing the walkway. Regret to remind u all this a bit too late.

  7. Dear all,

    I guess now that it is too late. The biggest defence that the developwe had is your signatures in the S&P, where it has already mentioned exactly which lot that was sold to you all. Legally, we are all lost already. Regret is the only option left.

    Well, lesson learned. Next time be very carefull when we sign on the dotted line.

    On the bright side, even with all these problems, the property price shoot up very high already. Looking at the advertisement in newspapers, for the 4r2b units are selling at almost RM300k! This is approx 50% increase of the purchase price! So, cheer up!

  8. Beedee06,

    Shareyzat is entitled to her own opinion. We shall proceed to file petition to seek compensation from developer and seek redress at tribunal court which is set-up to protect consumers who are being conned by unscrupulous developers and manufacturers. In this case, it’s better late than never as we stand a good chance of winning the case based on undue influence by the sales persons of the developer who is legally liable to its’ employees’ misdeeds. Also bear in mind that almost all the developer’s employees are also house owners here. As such, we may receive some comments apparently in favour of the developer which are detrimental to our effort in seeking redress.

  9. Hi all,
    Pls be informed that the petition was signed by 32 owners and it has been sent to The Housing Ministry last week. Let us keep on pressing for this issue to be resolved. But pls be wary that the PA to Mr Gan is the Secretary of MCA Wangsa Maju whilst Mr Gan himself is an MCA member of Wangsa Maju. PVD is helmed by the Chairman, Tengku Halim of Halim Securities and of Kelantan Royalty. This issue may not be in our favour due to the connection that PVD haved and the Housing Minister is from MCA.

    Maybe some of us can use this info as opportunity to fight for our cause. The best way I think is thru the media to highlight this issue.

    Good Luck.

  10. Dear Raymond,

    Just because the name sounds like the former ministry which is a lady, it does not means that Shareyzat is also a lady. Maybe your name raymond57 would imply that you were born in 1957, but nobody called you an old man in this forum. Or will you straight away assume that this person, beedee06 is font to one particular brand of inner garment?


  11. Hi all / jmb,

    i think many of u are not aware of a very obvious teething problem caused by the unscrupulous developer. If u make yr exit thru the ground level lobby door, u will immediately step onto the closest car parking bay. There’s no walkway in front of the lobby door for residents. If the face-to-face car parks beside the wall of the lobby exit door are being used and the cars are parked head-on very close to each other, we are trapped in-between the cars and the exit door. The only way to get out is to step onto the car engine hood.
    This is a case of maximising profit at the expense of the ignorant apartment owners by converting the original walkway into car park bays. The car park bay lay-out plan is obviously breaching the housing act for inconveniencing the residents and intentionally creating a fire trap. JMB to demand the unscrupulous developer to remove immediately all the illegal parking bay in front of all the exit doors and converting them back into walkway to resolve the fire trap problem. Else, will complain to fire department and PR representative to resolve such a fire trap issue. Our lives are at stake.

  12. JMB / Residents,

    there’s a fire trap in front of our ground floor lobby door for all the blocks. The 2 car parking bays closest to the wall of the exit door is forming a blockage to our escape as and when there’s a fire. Our lives are at stake. The above-mentioned car park bays are suppose to be our fire escape way cum walkway but being converted by the unscrupulous developer into car parks for profit maximisation at the expense of the safety of the residents. The developer had obviously breaching the housing safety act by creating the fire traps. Plis get the developer to remove the fire traps asap b4 any life is loss. We shall also hilite this safety hazard issue to fire department and PR representative since the BN reps are closely aligned to the developer.

  13. Hi all / JMB,

    JMB did mention in Mar 09 blog entitled “car park for rent” that the developer may use the car park rental collection for roofing the walkway of the roof top car park. But in actual fact, the developer had blatantly turned down the request. JMB owes us an explanation on misleading comment.

  14. raymond57,

    the JMB does not owe you any explanation. since you have formed ad-hoc committee to fight for justice, the JMB shall provide you the support be it the moral or material support.

    The best venue to seek justice is through the tribunal court. Use one as a test case. If you win, then all the car park owners on the roof top can file their cases. Mr Raymond57 should be the first to file the case in the tribunal court.
    The JMB cannot file the case on behalf of the owners who had been short changed by the developer because the JMB is not the party to the agreement signed between the owners and the developer.

  15. Dear Shareyzat,

    thousand apologies for the mistaken gender. Plis believe me it’s unintentional. Fully understand yr embarassment and anger. It’s alright for u to call me old man as age represents wisdom, knowledges, and experiences. But don’t address me as old lady. Whether BeeDee06 is fond (not font) of a particular inner garment brand is a taboo for me to discuss as it’s not my interest.
    By the way, which ministry assumes the name of Shareyzat? Plis enlighten me. I’m in the blurr…….

  16. Hi Raymond,

    No big issue.

    Btw, its Datuk Seri Sharizat Jalil.. She is no longer a minister but she is the current Wanita Umno chief.

  17. Hi all,

    It seems easy for the developer, just refer matters to the SPA. SPA is just a contract entered between us to ensure that the developer keep up with their promise to sell the property and we do our part to pay for the house. The detail of the said property only mention generally and nothing much on it.

    Other than the roof top covered car park issue, i myself bumped into an issue with the developer just after received the keys. If you all look at your water trap inside bathroom, most of the house (level 4 and above) have 2 water traps in the bath room. But for me ( and others who resides at level 3), we only have 1 water trap. Thats make it difficult for my renovation and design. I approached the developer, the same answer they gave me “it’s not in the spa” . I look through my spa, inside there they have how many electrical point etc but nothing about the water trap and any changes with the house design.

    Back to our main issue, the developer backed by BN need to teach a lesson. I agree with Beedee06 and Raymond57, why dont we approach the PKR MP. His office is at Platinum Walk. He is also a practising lawyer, so he can advice us accordingly. Yet bear in mind this is not a political matter to be argued.

  18. Hi all,

    There is another break in on Friday evening 12June 2009 at Block A Level 3 near exit staircase. The police CID came at night to investigate and I was told that jeweleries were stolen.

    For the record,

    the 1st Security company, Kawalan Prima was slacking but no break ins happens. The second, TSS was worst and now with Nepal guards we still have this break ins occuring. What now ? I strongly urge JMB to seriously consider installing CCTV to check for any break ins and as a deterent to future break ins. If it is expensive, JMB should consider installing it at the resedential unit minus car park. That can be install later if the needs arises.

    I understand a few company have recently quoted a very much lower cost compared to LK Renovation Works. I don’t understand why should Lena ask quotation of CCTV from a Renovation Contractor and at an exorbitant price. Beats me, Lena!!!! That is the reason, I’m asking for the removal of Lena Ong, SHE IS VERY INCOMPETENT!!!!. She always have answers to your comments without taking any action. PLERASE REMOVE HER as MANAGER of PV10

  19. Hi All,

    The access barrier is still breaking down with only one gate on either side working. This happened after JMB have made a permanent concrete cover to the equipment due to electrical disturbance when water seeps into the underground electrical conduits as per claims by supplier.

    I have suggested to change the equipment not because of elctrical fault but the equipment is FAULTY. Now if we have to maintain it, we have to hack the whole concrete pavement and paid thru JMB account. Think of future maintanence before making it permanent

  20. Hi all,

    This evening, I was there observing and I find that easy access by anybody who walks in except for 1 or 2 families who came to visit their children & reporting to the Guards.

    Dannysh have suggested the access barrier for pedestrian at the Guard House and I STRONGLTY SUPPORT the proposal. ENGRESS ONLY by ACCESS CARD

    2. USAGE of GYM.
    While observing I saw 2 TARC students requesting for their Resident’s passes (3 nos) after using the Gym without returning the keys and their passes did not have any identification either colour or others to indicate that they are tenants and students.

    Cosmo students is prohibited from using the pool & gym but other students are allowed. Why the double standard? This is the reason that many resident is not utilising the amenities because many students are using it.

    PLEASE CONSIDER my earlier suggestions to request owners who wish to rent out to register at the Mgmt Office. This is for control. Again Lena Ong is incompetent in managing a Condo with 1000 plus students and residents living in.

  21. Hi all,

    I post herewith emails sent to me by Mr. Gary Gan and my Reply for your info and conclusion.

    1. GARY GAN to ME on 11th JUNE 2009

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    After reading through the blog by JMBPV10, i think i should write to inform you that most of the comments made by you were absurd and untrue. Freedom of speech is essential only when you know what you are speaking and you are sure what you had spoken is true. statement like 1. PVD is helmed by the Chairman, Tengku Halim of Halim Securities and of Kelantan Royalty, 2. consumers who are being conned by unscrupulous developers….. . These statements are defaming and we reserve the right to take legal action on you.

    In the mean time, let me clarify something with you. Before you purchase the property from us, you were clearly indicated by the salesperson which carpark has been allocated to your unit and where the location of your car park in the plan. If you cant understand the plan, there is a Scale Model which clearly shown to you that the carpark assigned to you is located at where.

    Well, since the roof is already build there is no point we keep on argue on what was going on 2 years ago. Developer has agreed to spare some car parks for JMB to rent and the rental collected can be utilized as the cost of cover up the walkway. This promise is still valid. Of course, the statement made by “raymond57” in the blog saying that we turned down the request is utterly untrue. (you can refer this matter to our JMB members)

    Dont get me wrong, we are writing this to you not because we are trying to persuade you not to bring this matter to housing minister. You have every right to file a complaint which you think is right. We just want to tell you that Platinum Victory is always paying attention and paying effort ro resolve whatsoever complaints or suggestion made by any of our purchasers.


    Gary Gan

    2. MY REPLY to Mr. GARY GAN on 11th JUNE 2009
    Dear Gary Gan,
    Thank You for your email.

    1. Please be informed that whatever statements that I have posted are true as per documents and evidence

    2. At no time that I have mentioned about unscrupulous developers in my posting. I believe that those words were posted by someone else who are berated by what they received and perceived. Pls check your facts and I demand an apology from you to this effect.

    Please also be informed that when we purchase this property, we wanted a car park at either Grd Floor or 1st Floor but were told by your salespersons that it was not available and the ones available were only on 2nd Floor and we have no choice but to choose any lot on 2nd Floor whereas they are about 37 lots unsold at 1st Floor and almost an equivalent amount at Grd Floor. For your info, I am a Professional Civil Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers, Ministry of Works and practising in the Building Industry. Read through all my comments and suggestions and you will find them constructive for the betterment of the residents.

    The comments made by the residents on the website are merely out of frustration and disgruntled with what they expected but received and should not be construed as threatening to your organisation. Feedbacks from the comments can be used in your future developments to enhance your image as a caring developer as per your claims.

    Please do not make this a big issue especially when BN and its components are having perception problems with the rakyat. We do not need more perception problems especially now that the Government is facing a legacy issue and at its lowest ebbs and we are facing an economic uncertainty.

    Finally, I find your email threatening and have forwarded it to my lawyer for legal advice and I reserve the right to take legal action as well. Anyway I will be posting your email and my reply on the website for other residents to view and make their own perceptions and conclusion.

    Thank You and have a nice day.

  22. 3. GARY GAN to ME on 12th JUNE 2009
    Dear Sir,

    Yes thats my fault indeed. that statement was made by someone else. so, i apologize for that. And at the same time, if you read carefully i dont think my previous email has any contents of threatening mesages.Anyways, I’m just trying to let you know we already promise to spare up quite a number of carparks for JMB to rent out and the fund will be utilize as the cost of linking up the walkway. and it is not like what “raymond57” was saying we turned down this offer after we promised it. This is the major thing i would like to clarify with you. Other than that, Platinum Victory or directors is not related to any potitician or any political party as like what you mentioned.

    Again, We, Platinum Victory always welcome complaints or constructive suggestion made by anyone. We always look into all sort of complaints seriously and not just blind ourselves when it comes to complaints and only open up to praises.

    Please, If you do have other complaints besides this and you find it difficult to deal with, you are always welcome to email me or drop by our sales office to have some talk.

    Have a nice day!!

    Gary Gan

    4. MY REPLY to Mr. GARY GAN on 12th JUNE 2009
    Dear Gary Gan,

    Thank You for your reply and I accept your apology and consider this matter closed. Thank you also for your offer of discussion on various issues shouldd there be any in the future.

    Have a nice day.


  23. Gary,

    yr written reply dated 23 Mar 09 above had categorically rejected the request by JMB to roof the roof top car park walkway and now u said otherwise. The reply was served after our JMB chairman mentioned in one of his blog dated 19 Mar 09 that u had verbally agreed to provide the above-mentioned roofing with some of the revenue from car park rental. As such, yr written reply which was published by JMB in this post is obviously superceding the verbal commitment. Plis state yr final stand with written confirmation of the pertinent issue to asuure all the owners.

  24. dear owners,

    The Jmb wishes to make its stand here regarding the links to all the roof top car park. in the letter , the developer stated that it did not wish to bear the cost to link all the car parks. In the telephone conversation, the developer’s stand is the same. However, they verbally agree ( they may issue a letter ) to utilize the rental from their car parks to build the links. All the while, we had not issued any misleading statement. I hope that our clarification on the issue is very clear.


    The JMB

  25. dear Mr Bee,
    the particular rule on the cosmo students was set by their college. We are assisting them to enforce the rule. Should we allow cosmo students to use the facilities, the pool will be full and you will not have any opportunity to use the equipments in the gymn.

  26. Dear Mr Bee,

    we are actually looking into the proposal tio install a barrier at the guardhouse. Since you are an engineer, we need some technical input from you. many factors need to be considered. the system that we choose, the space constraint, the cost incurred and its effectiveness. Those who know of such a system may submit your proposal or quaotations to us.

    For your info, lena Ong is no longer with us.

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