Gloss Paint At Lift Lobby

Dear Owners,

Currently, we have ongoing work improvement at all Block Lift Lobby. We’re painting the area with Gloss Paint. The cost involved is only the purchase of the paints. 

Lift Lobby Block A
Lift Lobby Block A
Lift Lobby Block C
Lift Lobby Block C

The work on Block D is ongoing.

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Residents, get your form and submit to Management Office or drop your form at JMB mail box located at JMB office to join HIGHRISE | PV10 Platinum Lake Condominium

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4 Responses

  1. Hi All,JMC

    Dissapointed to hear that another break-in at Blk A. Seems the burglar still not move yet. I guess maybe they stay in one of block A unit.

    I highly agreed with the control of the main entrance at the guard hse for walking-in visitor/students/residents by gates/small grill door with magnectic lock. At the right end and left of the both car access, maybe a low wall or iron grill fence will help to increase to security level. Everytime when i drive in ,i can see anyone is free to walk in and out without any control,I mean anyone. They can just walk in . Your immediate consideration to this matter is highly appreciated.


  2. Hi All,
    Sorry for the above comments in wrong subject.
    The lift lobby paint looks pretty good compare with the existing one which is so boring. This striking orange color goes with the existing wall color. Besides, it also let our visitor know where is the lift lobby is.
    If we could have some facial treatments at the mainentrance wall where the PV10 logo is, then it would be much better. Just don’t know why the developer can’t make our entrance similar with Melati PV condo. Our entrance looks really normal especially that ugly PV10 signage. At night time no lights, hardly see the signage of PV10. I dont mind to sketch up few design proposal if there is a intention to so.

  3. hai chevy,

    Please join highrise as a member now. As regards to your proposal, you are welcomed to submit your design to the management office for our perusal. We also think that the entrance is a little dull.

  4. Hi,jmbpv10
    submitted the form, on monday. Still waiting my id to log in.


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