Progress on CCTV Quotation

Dear Owners,

As todate, JMC had received 4 Quotation for CCTV installation at every floor. We urged any owners who have expertise in such area kindly approach Management Office to submit Quotation. All quotation is viewable at PV 10, HIGHRISE web application.


We also have a forum discussion on CCTV suggestion to express your view and suggestion.

JMC urged to all owners and tenants, come and join us at PV 10 Highrise, plus you  can Get to Know your Neighbour too.

All your personal information provided to HIGRISE is strictly private & confidential.

PV 10 will be accessible via,

(made available after you have completed the registeration form)

Kindly download the form and return it to Management Office during Office Hour


Return the form at

JMB Letter Box at JMB Office or

JMB Letter Box at Block A.

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2 Responses

  1. JMBPV10,

    Submitted my form some 2 weeks ago. Dropped the form at the mailbox in Block A. Up to now i have not receive a reply. Please check. My unit is A-12-xx.

  2. JMBPV10,

    Me too , submitted my form to the chinese girl at Management office for sometime already. No log-in ID received yet .


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