Interview with the Star paper

IMGP4185IMGP4183IMGP4186The Star newspaper carried out a successfull interview with the JMC and our Highrise developer, Mr Adrian. Mr Adrian did a thorough presentatation of the Highrise website explaining all the features available there. We told the Star paper that Highrise pays an important role in the property management of PV10. It assists the residents in lodging complaints by posting their complaints under feedback in the comfort of their homes or offices. Such procedure for making complaints makes it very convenient for those who are working late and those who do not have the time to do so. We have also instructed management company in our meeting with them to treat complaints in the HIGHRISE as official compalints. We have also told the management to notify the residents of the status of their complaints .

Credit should go to our very efficient  secretary, Encik Fairuz who is internet savvy for making our exclusive Highrise website a successful one. Currently, we have 49 members and it is increasing by the day. We will like to encourage those who are not members yet to join as members. You have nothing to lose and the best thing is that no cost is incurred

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