There was a big commotion at the guardhouse with a big crowd of people and a traffic congestion in front of the guardhouse. Actually, there was a new intake of KLMU nursing students. We had actually been informed of the new students coming to PV10. The JMC were there to witness the situation.

Residents can rest assured that there was no increase in the student population here These new students are actually taking over the place of the old students who had graduated. The number of units rented out to these students have decreased from 66 to 63.

The big crowd was due to the parents who wished to be with their daughters and sons to see that they settled down safely. These parents come from all over the states.

We had the opportunity to meet the head of nursing college deparment too. We highlighted some of the problems pose by these students to her. We also received another good news from her. We were told that they have rented another100 units from PV11 when it is ready. They will be moving some of these students from PV10 by the end of the year.

In three years time, you will not be able to see any of these students  anymore because all KLMU students will be housed in  their new campus at Wangsa Maju. By then , we don’t really know what sort of tenants will be taking over their places. Just keep our fingers crossed.

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