Quotations for extra proximity readers and CCTV

Eita Power which is the existing company maintaning our CCTV and the access cards security system has submitted two quotations for 8 extra CCTV and 8 extra proximity readers for both sides of the staircase at level 3 for all the blocks. For compatibility reason, we have no choice but to work with Eita Power which is also the company that installed our autogate. We cannot have two contractors maintaning the same system. This may give rise to many disputes.

For CCTV , the total cost is almost 30K and the proximity readers is about 28K. We have not received the quotation on the proximity readers that are going to be installed in the lifts.

The residents can rest assured that before the JMC decides on projects, they will definitely seek the views of the owners in a dialogue session. Ultimately, the owners will be the one to make a decision because the cost incurred is just too big.


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