Expiry of the liability period

Dear owners,

         The liability period for our properties will be expiring in September.  It is highly recommended that you give your property a through check. Make a complaint to the developer should you come across any defects in your unit. After the liability period, any complaints  pertaining to defects which occur before the water meter will have to solved by the owners themselves.

          As for the common areas, the JMC has made a request to PVDPMSB to provide us a list of defects which have not been rectified. We are also monitoring the issue very closely.

Goodnight and have a nice day.

One Response

  1. Funny that this comes from the management. you mean you guys dont do periodic check and rely on our feedbacks and complaints? Anyways, there is ongoing problem with all 3 lifts at Block B! Every morning we have to go through stress of waiting for the lifts as it tend to by pass our floor hence, additional wait time. Eg, we’re at Level 20, as the lift reach Level 18, it just bypass our button & shooting back down, left us waiting for another lift coming all the way from Grd flr! and even if we get the lift and pressed for carpak levels, the ignorant lift bypass all the pressed buttons and shoot back up to upper floors, hence extra ride time! This wont be an issue if it doenst happen on our daily busy working morning!! sometimes our time is wasted 10 freaking mins for the “joyride”! Do you really not notice this hving 2 committee members at Block B??? Come on!!

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