Performance of Cleaning Company Part 3

Dear Residents,

More picture for your perusal

18072009017removing trap debris on roof top

18072009018removing trap debris on roof top

18072009019removing trap debris on roof top

18072009020removing trap debris on roof top

18072009022removing trap debris on roof top

19072009034the new Supervisor from Tenaga Bersih – Mr Arif

19072009035candid camera

Committees member Mr Lim Choon Hock says

One of the best things about being a volunteer is that everybody qualifies. The only obstacle is taking that first step and committing yourself. Volunteering requires motivation, and motivation can only be sustained by passion. And speaking from personal experience, I’ve found that the best of intentions and a
compassionate spirit, surprisingly, often fail to overcome one’s inertia. Finding your passion may take time, but once you discover it, everything will fall into place.

19072009036candid camera

Mr Lim(JMC) & Arif(Tenaga Bersih) helping each other to clear the clay brick located at the storage room of main contractor.

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