Poll Result of Pedestrian Auto Gate and the decision made by JMC

Dear all,

Based on the POLL at pv10.highrise.my, residents choose design no. 2.

refer previous post https://jmbpv10.wordpress.com/2009/07/18/design-of-pedestrian-auto-gate-system/

Further to the information above, we are pleased to inform all the residents that the JMC has decided to build a pedestrian gate at the guardhouse using the design as shown in the picture below. The design will be presented to Eita Power  for their evaluation for the installation of the software which is linked to our card access security system.

When the total cost of the project is made known by the management, it will be displayed on the notice board for two weeks  for the residents to study and provide some feedback. If  majority of the residents do not object, we shall proceed with the implementation.

Goodnight and have a nice day

POLL 1Thank You

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