Notice for Motorbike User

Dear Residents

Memo Notice to Motorbike User


Dear residents,

Kindly be informed that the JMC has a formulated a new set of rules and regulations for the motorcycles. To the existing motorcyclists with stickers, kindly read them and take the appropriate action.

Rules and Regulations

  1. All motorcycles’ owners with stickers are required to use their lift lobby access cards to access PV10 through the auto gate. They are required to bring their cards to the management office to be reprogrammed at no extra cost.
  2. The dateline for the rule to be strictly enforced is 15th September 2009, any application after the dateline will be charged a sum amount RM10.00 and motorcyclists without access cards are strictly not allowed to enter PV10. Motorcycles with stickers but without motorcycle access cards are also not allowed to enter.
  3. The number of cards to be reprogrammed for each unit is based on the number of motocycle parking bays available and it is at the discretion of the management. When all the parking bays have been taken up, the application for the cards will be frozen
  4. As proof of an ownership of a motorcycle, a resident must bring along a photostat copy of his/her motorcycle registration card.
  5. Parking on the parking bay is strictly on a first come first served basis. Any motorcycle found to be parked in a non designated parking bay will be clamped and a fine of RM 30.00 will be imposed.
  6. An owner is allowed to park his motorcycle at his own car park bay in such a manner it will not cause any obstruction to other vehicle.
  7. Any  unauthorized car which a motorcyclist brings in with the motorcycle access card will be clamped and a fine of RM 50.00 will be imposed without any pardon

By order of the JMC

PVDPMSB, The Management Company                                  7th August 2009

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