In the event of a fire.

Dear residents,

We had a meeting with the fire contractor this morning. It was a fruitful meeting . At least for now , we know how the whole system works. On every floor , there is a smoke detector at the lift lobbies. When there is a fire, the smoke detector will trigger off the alarm and the fire station located in Setapak will receive a signal that will prompt them into action. The canvas hose and the fire extinguishers are located in the riser rooms. The residents are not allowed to use the canvas hose because only firemen are allowed to use them. We are only allowed to use the fire extinguishers.

When you take a look at our riser rooms , no keys or fire extiguishers are available. Due to the concern on vandalism, the developer has placed the fire extingushers in the riser rooms. We had pointed out the mistake made. We have given to the developer two options. Either the fire extinguisher is placed outside or a key to open the riser room is placed outside the riser room. The newly appointed property manager, Mr Philip had given us an assurance that one of the options will be implemented. Our main concern is safety and not vandalism. We had emphasized this to the developer.

Goodnight and have a nice day.

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