Gym lovers will jump up with joy with this announcement. We are happy to inform the residents that the gym will be relocated to C-0-23 which is a shop lot located right at the corner of Block D. The Unit Parcel belong to developer. PVDSB has granted the permission for the above proposal. (thanks to Mr Gan Yu Chai, The Managing Director of PVDSB)

We symphatize with the residents who have to endure the inconducive and unhealthy environment to do their workout for so long. They are choked with the smoke coming out from the food operators and not to mention the sight and smell of the toilet right beside the gym.

Doing workout is a very boring and torturious task, therefore, we need a very conducive place to sustain it. We can promise you that the gym lovers will love the new location, a little smaller but with a great view and it is well ventilated. Besides that, the security is right there to monitor the place.

Work has started on the new gym. We are going to turn the place into a real gym that will uplift the image our condo. A new carpet, a new coat of paint and the best of all, there will be a big mirrow for you to admire your growing muscles and your 6 packs tummy.

Credit should go to ever efficient secretary, Encik Fairuz who wrote a lenghty letter to the developer to complain about the location of the current gym. Pictures will follow suit later. THE JMC IS ALIVE AND  KICKING!


Developer Lot 2-0-23

Developer Lot 2-0-23

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